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October 2, 2006

Jewelry II

More jewelry from the "Jo Collection". Both of these necklaces are in pink/purple colours with silver and crystal accent beads. The bracelet is made w/ swarovski crystal pieces with pink and crystal glass beads. Here are some other examples of bracelets I made. The 2 silver bracelets w/ the paw charms each say "Sagan" and "Pepper". I saw ones like this in a catalog selling for nearly $60!!! I went to the bead store and spent about $10 in materials to make my own. The 2nd bracelet of blue cube beads is a lot easier to make than it looks and I want to make some more in different colours. The 4th blue bracelet is made with bugle beads and crystals in the centers, with a beaded loop clasp that goes over a blue glass bead. Much more time consuming and I probably wouldn't make another like this unless someone requested me to make one for them.
Swarovski crystal beads in graduated sizes with small silver bead spacers & matching earrings.
This one is a really funky, groovy charm necklace. I don't wear it often, but it's a fun piece.
I made a ton of "Y" necklaces in the 90's when they were popular and I actually did sell a bunch one summer at a small store in Marin County, where we lived. The one at the top is in red "picasso" beads with garnet beads, and the bottom one has purple & crystal glass beads & a Celtic knot charm.
Here's another set made with lampwork beads from Austin Hamilton.
I bought a watch face at Michael's Crafts and made watchbands that I can coordinate with what I'm wearing.

These are 2 of my fave pieces. The choker is made from memory wire and the only kind of choker I can wear b/c it flexes with you and I don't feel like I'm being strangled. It's made with Bali silver with a Bali silver & turquoise pendant. The one on the right is made with silver & fresh water pearls, size 8 glass beads & Bali silver beads. The pendant is supposed to be a dragon I think, silver w/ turquoise cabochons (it was sold for Bead & Button magazine's 10th anniversary, but I still can't really tell what it is).


  1. These are gorgeous. Do you just make them for your own use and for gifts, or do you still sell them?

  2. Val asked my question.....But I was also wondering, how long does it take you to make a necklace? Your jewelry is so Beautiful

  3. Val & Tess - "research & development" take the longest time, i.e., - deciding the design and beads I want to use. But after that, it takes me about 5 minutes to knock off a pair of earrings, 10-20 for a necklace; bracelets take longer.

  4. they are gorgeous... my aunt in south africa brought us loads of jewellery she makes too, but.... just checking she's not looking... yours is much nicer... what beautiful pieces.