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October 1, 2006

Jewelry I

I'm a little bummed about the way the pics came out. I took a class last year in "marketing your jewelry" and they said not to use flash, but to use a good light that mimics daylight, so I did, and they still came out too dark!! These are the first 8 of 24 total pictures I shot today. The first picture shows a light blue & lavendar necklace w/ matching earrings, and a "floating bead" necklace w/ matching earrings.
Picture 2 shows lampwork beads that I purchased from a fantastic website called Austin Hamilton, out of Vancouver BC. They have the best prices for lampwork beads and I love working with them.
I found the cutest paisley beads at a bead shop in Puyallup so I made the peace sign necklace & earrings. The set next to it are really pretty blue/purple beads w/ "pearls".
These are far too dark to show the pretty purple millefiori set on the left, w/ purple glass pendant and rutilated quartz & garnet w/ silver heart pendant on the right.
Oops, here's a better shot, I forgot I took 2 pics of them, and in the past when I've deleted one picture, the entire batch of pics deleted so I don't dare remove the above pic.
Necklace on the left is made with tourmaline and rose quartz w/ a quartz pendant. The one on the right are cool pink beads w/ black swirls & "pearls"
The double strand necklace is made of fluorite, one of my fave stones. The one on the right is fancy jasper (greens).
The necklace on the left is faux turquoise b/c the real stuff is out of my price range, but the turquoise pendant is real. The sent on the right is made from blue/crystal glass.
More pictures to come later!!


  1. i'm being laid on by a very heavy twiglet, mitzi's daughter, supporting her with one hand and btyping with t'other. strain and pain..

    your work is lovely, jojo, my friend sits here stringing beads into jewelry on friday nights, so i know how long it takes and how fiddlt it is. Thank goodness Twiglet just got sown!

  2. JoJo I love your jewelry.....What talent, I would never have what it takes to do that.

  3. They are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Nice talent you have there Jo Jo, even though I have no direct knowledge of your type of work. I have taken photos of documents using my bright spot light and have also had good luck by going outside in my patio using natural daylight with good results. Of course I have my hp photoprint program to correct any flaws I have in my pictures.Cheers DonW