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October 19, 2006

Ever have one of those days?

So I did the STUPIDEST thing ever today. I set my backpack down on the trunk of my car this morning so that I could grab the trash cans and bring them down to the bottom of the driveway. It was 6:30 a.m., pitch dark and pouring rain. I went into the garage, got in the car, and left for work. Drove the whole 22 miles between Bonney Lake and Fircrest. I get to work, and I realize, oh shit oh shit oh shit, where's my backpack? Inside it are my purse with wallet, all ID, credit cards, checks, check register, etc. etc. etc. I dashed into my office and called hubby on his cell. He wasn't far from home yet so he turned around and looked all over our yard and street, to no avail. Being the type that cries at the drop of a hat, I of course burst into tears.

My boss, Steve, sent me home to retrace my steps and start dealing with the bank, credit card people, etc. I looked like crazy on the way home, but my commute involves 1 major freeway (Interstate 5), and 2 smaller highways, 410 and 16. Not to mention the entire length of River Road. I never saw it. On my way in to work on River Road, someone did flash their lights at me when I passed them.....I swear that I did not cut them off and it was a few seconds after I pulled in front of them that they flashed me. If they were trying to get my attention at that point, then the pack probably fell off as I accelerated up the I-5 ramp. Which means it probably got run over about a million times already.

So I've spent my Thursday at the police department in town, at the bank, at the Department of Licensing to get a new drivers license, and on the phone w/ the credit card companies, ad nauseum.

And the thing that really pisses me off? The loss of the purse which I made myself, the loss of a wallet (it took me forever to find one I liked), my old Grateful Dead patches on the backpack, my "frequent buyer" cards for bead shops I frequent, the loss of a really pretty pillcase. At least my glasses and cell phone were with me.

So at this point in the day, 12:00 noon, there's no sense in going back to work, so I guess I'll just make myself some lunch and watch one of my new Vincent movies to try to cheer me up.

Thanks to Eliza for the picture.


  1. gee.... jojo, that so sucks... you poor poor thing

    hope vincent cheered you up ;>)

  2. Just think 'I love Vincent' and 'Tomorrow is another day' :0)

  3. i did that same thing years ago, it was just my wallet, i put it on the roof of my car as i was loading my wedding shower gifts...i lived in a very small town, Alfred,ME at the time, (1979)anyway a few days later i got a call from the post office, someone had placed the wallet in the mailbox, everything in tact...perhaps yours will turn up too...

  4. :-(

    Well, these things happen. At least it wasn't a kid you lost ;-)

  5. Oh you poor thing. It makes me glad I'm too scared of scratching my paintwork to put things down on my car, 'cos I just know I'd forget and drive off.

    Why couldn't the thing have dropped off in the garage or something?