Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

October 18, 2006


I love this picture of my dad and me. The date stamped on the back by Kodak Processing says "Dec. 66", so I'm guessing the photo was taken in the late fall. I turned 2 in November of 1966 and my dad was 44. I think he had just started wearing glasses full time, and my mom said that she remembers him always taking his glasses off if someone was taking pictures, so that's why he is holding them in his other hand.

This picture was taken on the back part of the driveway at their house. There's a red reflector in the back near the stone wall. My dad used to stake red reflectors along the edge and back of the driveway so that the snow plow would know not to drive off the edge (it was a bit of a drop) and where the rock wall was. It's funny to me to be able to see the sky through the trees behind us, because it's all dense trees and thickets now.
I miss him so much.


  1. How cute you were, and how handsome your dad was.

    I was a late baby, too, my dad was 46 when I was born, and even though he was nearly 82 when he died, I was only 35. You're just not ready to lose a parent at that age.

  2. a lovely photo, a lovely post, a lovely memory

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx