Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

March 25, 2017

Old Silver & Chapoquoit Beaches

Jen and I were discussing how Cape kids were funny in that we pretty much stayed in our own towns, or would congregate at the Mall in Hyannis.  As a result, she's spent little time in Sandwich and I've spent very little time in Falmouth.  It always seemed like it was 'so far away' and I'd almost rather go to Boston or PTown instead of 'all the way to Falmouth'.  It's so stupid cause it's less than 20 miles away.  Boston is like 55 miles and PTown over 60.

So because of that, this is the first time I've ever been to Old Silver Beach.  It's really popular in summer of course but they charge a lot to park.  

It was an incredibly still & clear day on the water.  That's looking out into Buzzards Bay, at the Cleveland Ledge Lighthouse which I've featured in posts from my trips to Scraggy Neck.

We both found decent beach glass hauls from here! 

Doesn't the water look tropical?

Next we stopped at The Stone Store.  This is so incredibly worth stopping to see.  There are so many crystals, stones, and all kinds of stuff made from them, hanging things, carvings, etc.  Fossils.  I'm definitely going back there again.  

Next stop was to the town landing for a few more snappies.

Next stop was Chapoquoit Beach for more great glass finds!

Quite a few off leash doggies who were extremely enthusiastic about being at the beach.  I wish I could trust Sagan off leash but I really don't, that's why I didn't bring him.  He hasn't been around dogs, other than Pepper, for many years.  I'd have to try doggie daycare first to get him used to it again.

This was my haul!  Jen found a bunch of great pieces too!

March 22, 2017

Crooked Pond Farm, Falmouth

We finally had a spring-like day so I asked my friend Jen if she wanted to bop around Falmouth with me, playing tourist.  I picked her up at her place in Hatchville at the farm her grandfather started in 1924.  It's a beautiful slice of paradise too, lemme tell ya!

Adorable little goat named Chula.

I can't remember the name of the horse but what a beauty!


This is Russell's dream, right here.

A wee chicken house for one of the hens that didn't fit in well with the others.

The chicks are about 6 weeks old.  So. Adorable.

I just want to cuddle one!!!

Crooked Pond

Really neat clouds too!

March 17, 2017

Well apparently winter decided to make a March appearance this year.  I was hoping we were home free but alas, putting away the winter boots bit me in the ass.

How cute is Sagan sleeping under his stuffed puppy?

Here he is looking very sorry for getting into the trash and eating half a boneless pork roast and some mashed potatoes, plus coffee grounds all over the place including a coffee ground footprint on the rug.

I put him in the craft for about 20 minutes so I could clean up and he didn't make a peep, then spent the rest of the day not looking at me.  The funny thing is, I didn't even yell at him when I saw the mess.  Just said, 'Sagan!  Bad boy!'

Gnomey's had about enough of this.

The flamingoes have just given up.

Did everyone get out to see the pretty full moon?

I didn't make these....I got them in Salem.  They looked pretty in the late afternoon sun.  Man alive my windows need washing....

Most of the eastern seaboard got killed with a huge snowstorm on the 14th.  It turned to rain around here so we actually ended the storm with far less snow than at the beginning.  It was a nice, cozy day, listening to the wind and driving rain.  So I worked on my zenbroidery with some new rainbow floss I just got and just LOVE.  Also added a Grateful Dead themed design in the heart.

Finally got a long overdue day to myself where I didn't have to leave the house at all, so I broke out the beads and started filling in the top.  I was going to wait till the end but I just couldn't stop myself.

The sequins and beads really make it pop.

As of March 16.

Seriously hard putting this one down.