Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

December 17, 2017


Made myself a Harry Potter themed hanging thing.

I started with owl beads in the house colours, then added bead sets I got from Jesse James Beads and at Michael's.

I used half sheets of Shrinky Dink plastic to trace and colour the house crests and they shrank to the perfect size.

Several years ago I found a pic online of a beaded curtain with gorgeous crystal drops.  I even found and bought the crystals and curtain rod.  But they languished in the craft room, gathering dust for about 4 years before I took them out.  First I was going to string them on driftwood because I didn't think I'd have enough of the super cool beads I'd been collecting.  The original project had 23 strands and my layout only had 15.

But I grabbed a few more clear drops and did them on the curtain rod anyway.  I wrapped the top with green florist tape and then put the wire loops over that so they wouldn't slip on the metal.  After it was done, I wrapped another layer of tape to cover the wire.  My version has 19 strands and I'm happy with it.

Another key.

Eclectic altered art Altoids tin.  I just kept gluing weird stuff to it, and using glitter paper.

I found some wood slices at a craft store in Fall River when I went to visit Russell after his surgery and I broke out the wood burner.  These are addictive.  I made a whole bunch of Cape Cod cause I thought they'd sell at the craft fair but they didn't.  Some have a heart on Sandwich.

My friend Debby sent me a Seahawks Goodie Package that included a 3D chipboard 'build your own Space Needle'.  So I did that, painting it and adding a glitter coat.  I found the blue sparkly numbers at Walmart which was awesome.  The 12 being for the Seahawks fans, known collectively as 'The 12th Man'.  

I also made gingerbread cookies on a particularly cozy, rainy day and here is the Needle's cookie counterpart.

We found out that the baby (due in July) is going to be a boy, and will be named Mark Russell.  We were in the Christmas Tree Shop and he spotted the personalized stocking with Mark's name, and I found Jeff's but of course Dale & Casi weren't on there so I got 2 blanks and did them with silver puff paint.

Bday card for my stepdaughter.

At a bit of a craft standstill for now.  I am working on a cross stitch that I have screwed up so badly that it's become tedious.  Maybe I'll take up colouring again.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. They still sell shrinky dink paper? I loved shrinky dinks!
    Your altoid containers are very pretty.
    Be well, JoJo.

    1. Thanks Robyn! I think I ordered the SD plastic from amazon but they sell it in Michaels too.

  3. You have been busy JoJo. Look very pretty and colourful.

  4. I want a space needle cookie. Very fun. And the wood etching looked cool. Harry Potter world rules! You are so very clever. You are a Santa elf! Enjoy the season

    1. Thanks so much Joanne! That was the only needle cookie I could make. My dough was a bit dry and kept cracking and breaking at the narrow part. But I saved it for last when I ate the batch! lol I just realized I have to get a move on with my baking!