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February 3, 2016

"One of These Days..."

I think we all have the tendency to say, 'one of these days, I'm going to [fill in the blank].'  For me, it's with craft projects that I was going to finish, fix or scrap.  So many projects were skillfully hidden in plain site on my craft table.  So today was finally 'one of these days'.  

Pink agate slice that I tried, unsuccessfully, to drill through last year and ended up scratching badly.  I grabbed my glass engraver and used the stencils that came with it to carve this on one side.

The carousel horse was done with etching cream last year but as I said, I scratched the surface badly with the drill, so I attempted to freehand that scalloped border around the horse.  Oh well...I tried. Should've used the stencil and made it more even.

I also broke out the little metal frames with glass squares and tried some alcohol ink on it.  I love how it looks, but I know now that the sun will fade this right out if I put it in a sunny window.

There was also an old 70s era bangle bracelet buried in the pile so I wrapped it with variegated floss. It's still too big for me though.  

I had baggies of projects to fix and finish.  The 2 necklaces had to be repaired and I just had to put the crystal back on the silver & amber hanger.  I got those silver earrings and the ring next to it in a grab bag, so I added beads to the earrings, and clapper bells to the ring.  It jingles when you move your hand around.  That other set of earrings needed something on the bottom so I added rings.  The green bead is held by a clothespin spring.  Then I added silver chain to it to make a necklace.  

All of them went in to my craft show box to try and sell next year!  Glad they are done though.  


  1. More lovely things. I think they should sell well.

    1. Thanks Anne! I hope so!

  2. What a feeling of accomplishment! I really like the slice" of love!

    1. Thanks Andrea! I'm been on an artistic tear the past couple of weeks. My craft table is so tidy that my husband and friends have expressed concern for my well being. lol

  3. Hi human, JoJo,

    You can relax! Yep and arf, it's me, Penny! :)

    Your craft projects are such a marvel. You have loads of talent, my amazing human friend. Like the human, Anne, noted, I also think your artwork should deffo' sell :)

    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses,

    Penny xx

    1. Penny!!! ((hugs)) Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope the stuff sells but the public is very fickle. Things that I think will sell don't, things that I am ambivalent about putting on the table sell like hotcakes. Go figure!