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November 5, 2015

Fall Miscellany

Time's just flying by this year.  I wish things would slow down.  It feels like I'm busier now than when I lived out west, and back then I worked and commuted on top of everything else.  I often wonder how I got so much done while having a job.  

I was extremely disappointed that Buzzards Bay did nothing for the fall season like in years past. There were no scarecrows at all on Main Street.  Not a one.  Hardly any businesses did any decorating. I can't find an answer as to why the annual Scarecrow Competition wasn't done this fall. There was also a house that went all out every year.  I've featured pics of it every year cause it's so great. Nothing put up this year and the house looks vacant, so I guess the people moved out.

Foliage was so-so.  By the time it made it's way down here, a lot of the leaves had fallen off the trees already.  There were one or two trees, here and there.

So I'm kind of hooked on trying to make a point of seeing the really big ships in the Canal, after having seen the cruise ships go through.  I got the heads up that a car carrier was crossing one night so I went down there and sat in the cold and wind to wait.  

This is the Bourne bridge and I kinda like the way it came out since I couldn't hold the camera still.

I can't remember the name of the ship but it was definitely big.  The longer exposure makes it look like it was very light in the area.  That was not the case.  It was very dark, so that only the top white part showed up well.  This behemoth glided almost silently under the bridge.  

It's a big one for sure.

I keep driving past this open space area in Plymouth called Holmes Reservation, and finally stopped to check it out.  It's nothing really to write home about, but it's pretty and I imagine the residents abutting the land very much enjoy it.

I took the little trail down to a small public beach.

Of course I started searching for beach glass.  There was tons of glass, but like the beach near my house, it's all fresh.  It just doesn't get the waves necessary to scour glass on the sand.

That's the opening from this small bay out to Cape Cod Bay.

I love the reflection/mirage with the shoreline.

That's the Myles Standish statue in Duxbury that I featured earlier this year, just up close.

It was a pleasant walk.

Across the street from the trails is an old muster field where colonists practiced for the American Revolution.  It's all overgrown now, but boy would I love to take a metal detector around and hire a backhoe to start digging.  I am willing to bet that field is full of artifacts.

There was another rock on top of this large one that had designs drawn on it.  I stopped to look at it and then I noticed this one tucked into a crack in the stone.  I left the larger rock but I took this one.

That's part of the muster field.

Across the street at the reservation

Another day, I was on my way to my mom's house and saw the train crossing at the bottom of Old County Road.  I wish I could've gotten out of my car to shoot it but the train would've been long gone by the time I parked and got out.  So I shot through the windshield.

Closer to the crossing.  When I got to the other end of Old County Road, I was driving over the train bridge as it was going under, which was pretty cool.  I wish I could've gotten a pic but again, not a good place to stop and the train would've been gone.

Halloween was a complete bust.  We didn't have a single kid come to the door.  Trunk or Treat is ruining Halloween for people that want to give out candy and see the costumes.  I ended up giving all the candy to one of my friends.

We're coming into the winter now and I'm absolutely dreading it.  DREADING it.  The Farmers Almanac is predicting yet another Snowmageddon year.  However, there's a huge El Nino building in the Pacific so hopefully that will help keep the northeast milder and less snowy.  I'm clinging to that hope like grim death at this point.


  1. I just love your pics. Mine never seem to turn out that well!

  2. Hey JoJo,

    Getting here after getting through another Guy Fawkes night!

    Intriguing photos and no Scarecrow Competition may well have been due to lack of straw. Your top photo looks like a bunch of psychedelic birds, or buzzards.

    Halloween is always a complete bust over here when it comes to kids knocking on the door. Very different, indeed.

    Before winter arrives, we both have been enjoying some very mild weather.

    Take care, eh.


    1. Well I do live in 'Buzzards' Bay. lol I still haven't gotten an answer from anyone why the scarecrow competition didn't happen. Now I am wondering if they will put up the lights and scenes at the 2 rotaries and in the park. Glad you got through Guy Fawkes OK....poor Penny though. Mine hate fireworks too.

  3. Awe,no scarecrows. Great photos! We had loads of kids at the door dressed up so many that I ran out of sweets and apples, beter stock up next year.

    1. Thank you Anne! You were so lucky to get kids. Over here giving apples is discouraged because of the 'razor blade in the apples' rumour from the 1970s.

    2. oh I've never heard of that JoJo but I can guess what it is. How horrible.

    3. I don't think it ever really happened, but there was a rumour that went around ever October not to eat apples from Halloween in case of razors. There is one kid who said she found a razor in a candy bar, this year, then admitted she made it up.

  4. That bridge picture actually looks like lots of birds. Love all your pictures as usual.

    1. Thanks Jo! Yes it does look like there are birds in that picture. :)

  5. Wow...always find myself envying how close you live to the beach. Love seeing your pictures!

    1. Thanks Kathy! It is great to be so close that's for sure!