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September 18, 2015

King Richard's Faire, Part 2

There is a tiger show every year but we didn't watch it this year.  The hit anyway were a couple of totally adorable little cubs that were playing and munching on each other.  

These are puppets.

Val brought her friend and coworker Kelly.

Never been inside here before so we checked it out this time.  It's very dark and there are rooms with scenes depicting old torture devices.  The middle ages were brutal.

That had to hurt!

And a chair with nails.  Ouch.

I think that's a dragon riding a unicorn.

Last year I'd checked out some of the tiaras but I didn't get one and kicked myself after we left. So I got one this year!

Sam & Nick

Pretty fall chair.

Added under protest.  But I'm wearing my new tiara anyway.

So much fun again this year!!!!


  1. I love the picture of you with your tiara! You look so adorable!! ♥

    1. Thanks. As usual I hate that picture. It got a lot of likes and positive feedback on Facebook yet I fail to see what you all see. lol Every time someone commented I would make a conscious effort to only look at the comments side, not the picture.