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July 17, 2015

Shipbuilder's District & Powder Point Bridge

After leaving the monument, I drove through the Shipbuilder's District which is full of gorgeous and huge old captain's mansions.  There wasn't really a place to park for photography purposes, but it was a lovely drive.  I came to Duxbury Harbour and parked for a quick walk around.

Set a spell!

This was on a chalkboard outside the seafood restaurant/fish market

I grabbed a tuna melt from French Memories Bakery and ate at an outside table.

An example of one of the mansions.

Quick walk to take a pic of St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church

And Pilgrim Church next door.

Next was a quick trip to check out the Powder Point Bridge.  I was glad that there was parking available.  If I'd wanted to drive across, parking on the other side was $15 and I wasn't going to be there that long.

Loved the house near the bridge.

Duxbury Beach, on the other side, is a very long spit of sand that you can drive on.  I didn't want to take a chance with my car since it's not 4 wheel drive.  Maybe this fall I will head up there to beach comb.

Under the bridge

Other side

Or I could've walked across I guess, but I had to get started for home.

Unsettled weather that day.

Still, the sun came out from time to time

One more town crossed off the Local Bucket List!  The summer is already starting to go way too fast and I have so many more places to go!


  1. Unusual bridge JoJo.- totally wooden? Surprised it is still there. That house looks like a lighthouse doesn't it? The mansion looks quite something too. As usual great pix.

    1. Thank you! Yes it appears to be totally wooden! I didn't think you could drive across it...I had to ask one of my friends who lives up there.

  2. This is a lovely place to visit.

    1. Thanks Nancy, yes it is! I had no idea!

  3. Another great photo study, JoJo. Enjoyed the architecture shots, too.

    1. Thank you! It's amazing what you find when you get off the highway.