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July 5, 2015

Sandwich Marina & Canal Visitor Center

After I finished shooting the cemetery, I remembered that there was a Canal Visitor Center at the marina.  I'm not sure if it's new as of the last year or so or has always been there but it came as a surprise to everyone I knew.  So headed down the marina to check it out.

Gee and I thought I was Little Miss Sandwich!  hahaha

 Or as they say around here, 'Hahbahmastah'.

"Marina Bells:  Dedicated to the families of Italian immigrants who contributed so much to their new country.  Donated in the memory of John Gallo, Sr.".

That big ship was from UConn (University of Connecticut)

First responders

Coast Guard Station.

A place I can't eat at because of shellfish allergies.  I can't even have their fish n chips because all they serve is haddock and I just haaaaaate haddock.

That's the visitor center in the background...I forgot to get a shot of it!

Inside the visitor center.  It is soooooooo cool in there.  It's small but wow is it packed with neat and hands on exhibits.  That's a cross section to show the old 'Belmont's Canal' as it was originally dug in the early 1900s (in yellow) and the present day canal.

I absolutely LOVED this.

There was a bunch of maritime flag tiles as well as a key for all the letters, so I spelled out my last name with them.

Display screens showing the real time status of the canal.

There was a really huge, 3D scale map of the whole region.  I would have taken a picture of it but the windows above it reflected on the protective glass so I had to take a few close ups where I could. This is my neighbourhood in BBay.

Bourne Bridge

Town Neck in Sandwich, where Russell grew up.  Those domes are green lights that light up when you press a panel of buttons that show you where things are (Scusset, Marina, great fishing spots, bridges, etc).

The old pilot boat Renier.

Want this clock but it wasn't for sale.

So many hidden treasures in my hometown!


  1. what a lovely place to live!

  2. Really interesting JoJo. I especially like that map. I would like to visit that museum. Having been involved with the water for a large part of my life. Funny, I love haddock.

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to taking Russell there. I've been anti-haddock since I was a kid. And now that I found out so many of those fish have worms that you can never get rid of, I won't touch it at all anymore. No more fish & chips for me, EVER.

  3. Hi Jojo, this is really a beautiful place to visit. Little Miss Sandwich is a cute name for a boat. I love all the exhibits.

    1. Thanks Nancy! The marina and Canal are very popular places for townsfolk to visit and walk. Many a night when I was a kid my dad would take us down the Canal for a little while to watch the water & boats, and then for ice cream.

  4. I understand why you wanted that clock. Maybe you could make one...

    1. That's what Russell said when I showed him the pic. I have taken photographs of that exact view, which is from Mass Maritime Academy, so I could sketch and paint it from the photo.