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July 27, 2015

Barnstable County Fair!

The Barnstable County Fair has been coming around here every July forever.  The first fair was in 1844.  It was an annual tradition when we were kids and the last time I went was probably around 1987.  When I was really little, the fair was held in West Barnstable, really close to where I lived, but in 1973 it moved over to a larger space in Falmouth.  Traffic is a nightmare.  I haven't wanted to go since I've been back due to either hot, humid weather or traffic.  

But last week I expressed interest in going on Marsha's Facebook post that she was there, and Russell asked me if I wanted to go when he got home.  It was a cool night so we headed over there around 5 pm.  Traffic wasn't too bad at all and we found parking right away.  The line moved fast too.

It's definitely not the fair that I remember at all.  It seems much smaller.  And it's all about food. There were never that many food vendors 30 years ago!  You had your burgers, dogs, fried dough, cotton candy and sausage sandwiches in those days.  Now?  OMG.  The selection was so huge that I couldn't make a decision and only ended up w/ a soft pretzel.

Not many vendors either like back in the day.

A prize winning hydrangea.

Loved these birdhouses.  The other thing that was missing were the tents full of crafts, jewelry, the spin art that I was hoping to do, etc.  There was only one building that had a couple of vendors and the rest were home services people.

 So much food.

No I didn't try it.  Wonder if it comes with an angioplasty on the side?

After Russell got his first smothered sausage sammich, we walked through kiddie town and then the midway.

Ah yes.  My nemesis:  The slide.  Some time in the 70s...I'm going to guess approximately 1974...I went on this for the first time.  I was at the top and getting situated on the burlap bag when I took off down the thing.  On my back.  My head bounced off every one of the bumps and the crowd, including my own family, laughed their asses off at me.  Besides being horribly embarrassed, my head hurt so bad.  I remember being dizzy & nauseous and my parents telling me not to cry and that's all I wanted to do was cry my eyes out and go home.  That was just the first of many head injuries/concussions. Never went on it again.

So pretty!

I was always terrified of the ferris wheel, the old kind that's open with the swinging chair, but I would actually try this one because all the sides are enclosed.  I didn't though. 

Never did this one as a kid.  I wasn't much of a daredevil and got sick easily.  Don't get me started on how bad I dislike the Tilt A Whirl!

Saw a lot of rides that were a whole lotta 'Nope'.

If the swing ride stays at ground level I will ride it but not if it goes up in the air like this.

I think this is a fun house.

Again, can I get a 'nope'??

This is the bobsled ride that I used to love when I was younger.  Neither of us were about to go on any rides.

Hey mon! It's a rasta banana!

Cool trash can

Loved these bears but it's so hard to win at any of the games.  They didn't have a lot of the ones I used to like to play.  The ones where you put like fifty cents down on a colour and then a ball is tossed into a ring, rolls around and lands on one of the colours.

K-9 doggie!

Russell won me this adorable and colourful bear though!  That's what boyfriends and husbands are supposed to do (and he was duly informed of this prior to our arrival too)!  ;-) 

We were home by 7 or so.  We probably won't go again next year.  It's really not the fair that I remembered, but it was an enjoyable evening and I'm glad we went.  


  1. Looks like it was fun and how great is that sweet teddy bear, that your very own teddy bear won just for you ? :)
    I was never adventurous enough for any of those carni or fair rides that went up in the air or spun around like crazy, but I recall that all my girlfriends seemed to love those rides. Oh well to each his own.

    Must say that hydrangea. is amazing, I've never seen one that color before. It is gorgeous.

    1. I can see why the hydrangea won first prize. I know you can change the colour of them by the acidity in the soil but this one is really unique. As for the rides, when I was younger I enjoyed a few of them but overall I prefer to keep my feet on terra firma! And Russell was highly amused at my demand that he win me a prize but being the good natured fellow he is, he did it.

  2. I used to love the county fair when my kid was small. I'd buy him a bracelet so he could go on all the rides as many times as he wanted. He had an exhilarating time and I got to see all the animals and other 4-H displays, a good deal for both of us. I think of the slide as one of the "safest" rides, but apparently that's not true. Sounds like your childhood experience really was horrible. The bear Russell won you is very cute!

    1. I wish they had a bracelet for this fair but it's done on a ticket basis and they are prohibitively expensive because of course the premium rides take the most tickets. I think at this point the carousel is about the only ride I would do!

  3. Don't forget you were a kid at the time it would look smaller today. I used to go on all the rides at one time. Then I came across one like your 13th picture where the cars swing out and the ride goes backwards. Matt was riding with me and I was terrified and screaming to stop it. Don't think I have been on any ride since. Thanks for sharing the pix though, brought back a few memories.

    1. Thanks! I know the fair would've looked bigger as a kid, but the last time I went was 1987 and I was almost 23 and they still had all the things from the 70s and early 80s that I remembered. Russell used to work the fair each year with Coke and he told me that is has definitely shifted over the years. There was no money in the craft vendors & tents, so they focus on food, rides and games now. The Puyallup Fair in Washington still has 2 large buildings devoted to craft vendors so that is what I am now used to having gone to 'The Puyallup' many times when I lived there. I'm glad we went but we will go to King Richard's each year instead.

  4. I had an episode with the slide when I was a kid also. I slipped getting on and went down on my back but the rug skidded to the side and I ended up with a terrible burn on my leg from going so fast against the wooden side. Never went on that sucker again. Went on the roller coaster once and threw up coming it. That was it for me too.... Loved the himalayer though.... We haven't been to a fair in years, my grandchildren used to say I ate my way through the fair, lol... Cant do that anymore.

    1. Oh wow that's not good. :( Those slides are awful. I also flipped off the edge of the playground slide at recess in 6th grade and ended up w/ a broken wrist. Slides are not my friend. lol My husband would like to have eaten his way through the fair....and would have if the lines hadn't been so long! :D

  5. This looks very similar to the fair I went to in New Jersey recently. Food was definitely a primary feature here too.

    Tossing It Out

    1. All the food looked great but the lines were long and I just couldn't decide!