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June 17, 2015

Adams Masonic Lodge and Commercial Street

One of the main reasons I wanted to get to Wellfleet was to get pics of Adams Masonic Lodge.  I would love to get back up here on some foggy day in the fall.  They go all out for Halloween and it's so creepy looking even on a sunny June day.

Then we walked down Commercial Street for a few blocks, admiring the old homes, galleries, boutiques, shops and beautiful flowers.  

 I just love this view of the First Congregational Church steeple.

Don't think I've ever seen a petunia like this!

The Bradford is a townhome/condo complex, and they are quite expensive.

 On the roof of Mac's Shack, a seafood restaurant.

Another view of the steeple and Uncle Tim's Bridge


  1. Great photo collection.

  2. I know what you feel about lobster, but I would love one the size of that model. Great pix as usual JoJo. Interesting looking area, especially the Masonic Lodge.

    1. Thanks Jo! It's shocking how expensive lobster is. We bought some a couple of years ago so Russell could have some and it was $35 per pound. Although he did point out that you don't get a pound of meat from one lobster.