Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

February 6, 2015

Run Me Out In the Cold Rain and Snow

Post title is a line from a Dead song.  

On top of being dumped on with the record setting blizzard, we've also had drenching rain which did little to nothing to melt the mess, and earlier this week we had a storm that started out with snow, which changed to sleet/ice, then rain, back to ice and finishing the evening with more snow. And wind.  And plummeting temps. 

This has made taking the dogs out very treacherous, and I went down like a crumpled heap when I set my foot down on snow and promptly slipped on the thick ice underneath.  I couldn't even get back to my feet without crawling to a snowbank to get traction.  Now thanks to that little spill, I need traction.  Hurt my neck, back, right arm and right leg pretty bad. All I could do the rest of the week was hobble around trying to do errands & stuff around the house (because the errands wait for no one), read in bed, take hot showers and nap.  And everyone who knows me knows that I do not nap. Ever.  

Needless to say, I have had no motivation to craft and it's too cold and snowy to go anywhere or do anything.  Roads are still compact snow and ice, or slush.  Getting back in my driveway is difficult because I back in when it's snowy.  Takes me multiple tries. 

Took this pic of some footprints in the back yard.  Glad something can access the back because I still can't.  Poor dogs are relegated to the driveway for their business which I then have to shovel out of the way.

Still though, the weather's made for some pretty cool icicles over the back deck.  They pose no danger because there is still that giant drift that's about three feet deep. I'm just letting them go to see how big they get.

They lit up really nice in the late afternoon sun.

I don't have much in the way of predrafted blog posts coming up.....hoping to get back to all of it soon, both crafting and blogging.  I'll still be visiting blogs and I hope you guys don't abandon me for lack of posts but I'll be back when I have something good to share.


  1. Oh JoJo, I'm sorry the ice got ya! It's brutal. Your icicles look very pretty but I'm kind of worried about all that snow on your roof. One year we had so much snow on the roof the front door wouldn't close so I had to go up and push as much as I could off. Feel better!!!

    1. It's melting and sliding off....we haven't had any trouble with it lately, or in the past. But we keep getting brutally cold temps like every other day too. I wonder why I live where the cold hurts my face.

  2. Brr! And we thought it was cold over here! There was a whole couple of millimetres of snow in my back garden the other weekend! I know it's been worse further north, but even so...

    1. I tell ya Val, with each passing day, I long to move back to Washington. I just absolutely HATE it here in the winter....and also in the summer when it's hot and humid. I'm sick of tracking in salt and snow, sick of slipping on ice and tripping on frozen snow. I still can't access my deck or yard b/c of the blizzard piles still left. I hate it here so much.