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January 21, 2015

Mid-January Miscellany

Brrrrr it's been a cold month!  But of course it is January in New England so I guess that's to be expected.  At least we haven't had any major snowstorms (yet....knock wood), unlike last year when we were having one blizzard a week for what felt like months on end.  

So I've been making lots and lots of homemade soups.  It's getting to the point where I can no longer eat canned soup because it tastes so gross and doesn't have hardly any veggies in it!  We've been really into homemade chicken soup lately, made with a grocery store roasted chicken that I boil till it falls apart.  That's when my sweetie pie steps in and removes all the bones and skin for me.  Here he is in action, with our very pesty helpful Sagan offering to assist dad with the meat.  "Ai can haz some pwease daddy??"

Peeps was in the kitchen too, of course, giving me the super cute look in the hopes of getting some chicken dropped her way.  "Ai can haz?"

"Can we hep?  We can hep! Pweeeeeeease????"

The Seahawks were in the first round of playoffs on January 10, so I couldn't resist making a small batch of blue & green cupcakes!

And grabbing a bottle of Seattle's Jone's Pure Cane Soda, green apple flavour.

My friends were asking me if I was going to make another batch of cupcakes for the January 18th playoff, so I did.  If you are a superstitious sports fan, you will understand why they asked and why I did it.  They played like chumps the entire day till the final three minutes when they managed to not only pull ahead, but then win in overtime.  Guess I'll be making cupcakes again for the Superbowl.

And I got my no sew blanket done and it came out so great!  It took way longer than the hour the instructions said.  It was a lot of measuring and pinning, not to mention all the cutting and tying.  I don't think I'll do another one but at least I can cross this off the 'crafts to do' bucket list.  It's sooo soft and warm.

Just some dustings of snow which make for pretty pictures as long as I don't have to shovel my way out of the house, and wait for the plow to show up.

Snowing while the sun is out!

But later that day it clouded up and and kept snowing.  The big fluffy flakes were pretty to watch.

Oh this was funny.  One Thursday night after hubs got home, he got a text from his youngest son with a picture.  He hands his phone to me and says, 'I can't see looks like a truck?'  (we have very basic phones with tiny screens).  I laughed and said, 'I think it's you!'  Then it got posted to my Facebook timeline by my stepson's girlfriend.  She snapped it that afternoon as she was on her way home from college classes and happened upon Russell on the same highway.  Such a good boy, staying in the far right lane.

And finally, a beautiful early morning waning crescent moon on the 16th.


  1. Those cupcakes look good. Wouldn't dare make them though, Matt might eat one and guess who might eat the rest. Love your snow and moon pix.

    1. Thanks! I admit I'm a little sick of them....the leftovers from this second batch may end up in the trash. But a fan's gotta do what a fan's gotta do. In fact on Sunday when the Hawks were crashing and burning, one of my WA friends, Jan, posted on my timeline that I better start eating the cupcakes. I told her I had to eat a meal first b/c I couldn't pour that much sugar on an empty stomach. So I ate my meal and grabbed a cupcake. I took one bite and heard the crowd go wild on TV...the Hawks got a touchdown. Needless to say I finished the cupcake in two more bites. Jan was like, 'I told you so!'

  2. Love the way you have put your hubby to work in the kitchen and that is too cool of him on the road in his truck. That is priceless! ♥

    1. Oh trust me Kathy....the man loves loves loves food, preparing food, helping me prep food, watching me cook, shopping for's hilarious when he goes in there to make himself a snack. I will get up and watch the show. He sings and dances around and wiggles his butt. Cracks me up so much. And yes it was very cool that Sam came upon him on the highway! That almost never happens. Only once before his youngest texted him that he saw his dad going down the other side of the highway.

  3. I tried a new homemade soup - broccoli and stilton - as Jeff loves Stilton. I really can't eat it on it's own - too stinky! - but in a soup it was perfect. Everyone loved it so much that we've had it twice now! I agree with you about canned soup - bleurgh!! xx

    1. I am going to have to try a broccoli cheese soup soon, although I think I'll use regular cheddar. This week's soups were cabbage/vegetable with some chicken sausage, and a steak/veg. Both came out really good, esp. the steak which was done in the crock pot and the meat was so tender.