Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

November 2, 2014

Fall Harvest Train, Part 2

This was one of the best clouds I've ever seen.  Could be the Batman logo, or a bat, or a ghost. Personally, I see a dementor.  

Continuing on with the trip, we went down as far as Pocasset.

I drive over this blue bridge so much. Last fall I stopped over there and took pics of it, the marina, and the train tracks, where I was now shooting from.  

This is right near where I go to find my bumper crop of beach glass.

The train stopped when we got to North Falmouth and then started going back the way we came, as there was an engine at both ends of the train.


At this point, we were really close to the train bridge.  They told us that they had just received permission to take the train as far as Sandwich, so we were going to back onto the train bridge, and then pull forward again to get on the other tracks.  While I had seen this happen twice with the trash train, I didn't know that passenger trains never do it.  They told us that this was very rare for passengers to do this.  I was So. Stoked.

So we stopped about this far across before starting forward again.

Now we were going down alongside the Canal past Aptucxet Trading Post.

And the old Gray Gables station (moved to Aptucxet from it's original location).

And under the Bourne Bridge

All along the Canal, as far as the Sandwich line.  I was really amused because that was also the day I'd walked with Liz from the Marina to the Bridge and back, right next to the tracks the whole way.  The train stopped at the Sandwich line and then we went back to BBay.

Under the Sagamore Bridge.

Power lines

Whisking along headed back to Bourne.

Back under the Bourne Bridge, and then over to BBay.

When we disembarked, we were given a sugar cookie!  So much fun!

Another awesome adventure and local bucket list stuff done!  A huge thank you to Skip Barlow, Diane Flynn, the Bourne Historical Society & Cape Cod Railroad for making this trip possible!


  1. Looks like a great trip - and a really funky cookie!

    1. It was a good cookie too!

  2. I tried three times to post a comment yesterday and they disappeared. rrrr

    Anyway, I said that I love seeing places through your blog that I will probably never see in person. You're so much fun.

    1. Thanks so much Teresa! You could come up here for a visit....just don't come in summer because the traffic is the worst. Fall's our best season!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Love the scenery.

    1. Thanks! We were lucky to get a gorgeous day and the foliage was still nice. Everything's turning brown now and falling off the branches.