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October 3, 2014

Ellisville Harbor State Park

The day I went up to White Horse, I passed by a sign for Ellisville Harbor State Park.  Upon further research online, it looked like a short trail that lead out to a little beach.  We decided to check it out on another gorgeous, but cool, Saturday.

The trail starts out from the little parking area, with a meadow on one side and glimpses of the marshes on the other.

It's hard to tell but this is looking down quite a ways onto a giant rock that was deposited by a glacier.

The fact that we were already this high up should have clued us into the fact that the trail was going to have to go downhill at some point (which meant uphill on the way home).  That chimney is the Sandwich Power Plant.

The Healthy Trail sign also should've tipped us off.

So we went downhill....I was afraid I might slip because it was a little steep in places but it ended up down here on this cute little beach.

I had Russell helping me look for glass.  

 Someone did a great job stacking and balancing these rocks!


Russell spotted this one! A nice aqua piece!  He actually found a few pieces for me! I was doing the Sue Heck Happy Dance.  

Stream from the marshes.

I'm not terribly sure what part of this beach is the harbor.

On the walk back to the car.

Sumac's turning red.

View from the parking lot.

I found some unusual stones on this beach!  And most of the glass is fully cooked too.


  1. So was it hard work walking back? Somebody sure spent a long time arranging those rocks. What do you mean when you say the glass was cooked?

    1. Fully cooked means that it's well worn, all the sharp edges have been rounded. Partially cooked would be that the glass is cloudy but not completely and still has shine to it and sharp corners. The walk back wasn't too bad....I mean I've been walking all summer so I probably had an easier time of it than Russell did!! Truly I would rather hike uphill than downhill.

  2. A successful beachcomb expedition, then? My eyes always go to the blue and green, just like the waters, but I like rocks too. I have a bowl of small river rocks on my windowsills, just because they are unique and found on wanders.

    1. Any glass found is a successful expedition!!

  3. Beautiful pictures and quite a successful expedition by the looks of the haul! ♥

  4. Heavenly scenes. I'm impressed by that blue and white rock at the top. It looks like a candy corn.

    Have a relaxing weekend, JoJo.

    1. Hi Robyn! That's actually a piece of mussel shell, the blue & white one. The white is irridescent mother of pearl that lines the inside of the shell.