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August 13, 2014

Highfield Hall, Falmouth

Highfield Hall was the estate owned by the Beebe family, people I never even heard of when it comes to Cape Cod history.  It's not only sad, but shocking, that I never knew this was in Falmouth.  I've asked my friends if they've heard of it and got a kind of vague, 'Yeah..kinda I think so...isn't that in Falmouth?' response.  

It has a very "Craigdarroch Castle" (in Victoria, BC) feel about it, just way, way smaller and not made of stone. 

I started first in the sunken garden.

For a suggested donation of $5, you can self-tour the house.  I took soooo many pictures and it was hard to narrow them down, so I have opted to feature the artwork more than the rooms.

The exhibit of paper cutting was incredible.  These are all done from one....that's right ONE....piece of paper.

Well not this one, but wow so pretty!

There were quite a few that were 3D,

This Alice in Wonderland vignette was so huge I had to shoot it from the side.  Again, cut from one huge piece of paper.  I just cannot even imagine how much time it took.

Loved the miniature house!

Then I went outside to check out all the gardens and art pieces in the back.  This is called Fragment House.

All bits of glass, some with words etched on them, and individually wired into place.

A walking labyrinth.

Back of the house.

Hither and Yon.

It says, 'I invite a tree into my poem.  The tree accepts'.

This was part of a gate that I couldn't capture quite as nicely as I'd hoped.

There are nature trails that go back into Beebe Woods, but I didn't venture down them.

The weird thing is, I walked right past these on the way to shoot that squirrel sign and didn't notice these furbies till I was walking back. 

Pink cascading fabric and pool.

Highfield Hall is totally worth a visit.  I don't know if they have this cool art on a year round basis or if I just happened to go at the right time or what.  So glad I did!


  1. Wow - that is awesome! Like something from a dream. Very cool.

    1. Thanks! It's definitely a neat place to visit!

  2. WOW...the art is exquisite! What an amazing place! ♥

  3. I just love that! I bet you spent ages there :) Haven't got a favourite - there's so many that grabbed me :) xx

    1. Yes....I spent WAY longer than I thought I would. I figured I'd park, take a few pics of the house and gardens and leave. 2 hours later I finally left.

  4. Wow, that paper art is amazing! Never seen anything like it before. Thanks for the tour JoJo!

    1. I've done paper cutting on a much smaller's very intricate and hard to keep the paper from ripping.