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July 6, 2014

Canal Sagamore Bridge to Scusset

I finally got around to walking the section of Canal between the Sagamore Bridge and Scusset Beach.  It's about 2.5 miles one way, 5 round trip.  

I took this from a small pier that was over the water where people were fishing.

Fantastic iridescent clouds

Cool clouds in general!

 Just about across from the Sandwich Marina.

Another iridescent cloud


Sandwich Marina

Back of Joe's Fish Market on the water and the Sandwich Coast Guard Station in the background.

 Considering this is a no wake zone, you still see plenty of wakes.

Eastern entrance and the Scusset Beach jetty on the left.

The power plant, a blight on the landscape since the mid 60s.  All these years I thought it was a hydroelectric plant but it runs on oil.

Canal Cruise.

The Bouchard, one of the Canal's frequent flyers

 I see this barge a lot too but I forgot to get the name.  It's Steven something.

The Sagamore Bridge is supposed to be painted soon.  They've been prepping it for almost 2 years and they stop in summer because of the traffic.  It's a 4 lane bridge but they put it to 2 lanes for work and traffic backs up for miles and miles.


  1. That first photograph - it's years (and I was in Italy!) since I have seen water that clear!
    Suzanne @ Suzannes-Tribe

    1. It's only clear like that at the edges where the rip rap goes beneath the surface.

  2. Hey JoJo,

    As always, I love your photos. A virtual tour and you are saving me a fortune in travelling :) Shall get up there and help paint the bridge?

    Gary :)

    1. Thank you Gary! And you know what? I bet you could get that bridge painted faster than the workers are. It took 2 years to build the bridge in the 30s and over 2 years just to repaint the damn thing.

  3. Beautful pix JoJo. When we had a boat in North Carolina we called it Wake's Own.

    1. Thanks Jo! My dad had one when I was little...he named it 'Joanne', much to my chagrin, because the town name, 'Sandwich' was underneath it. It was moored at the marina in the pic under the biplane. So my classmates thought it was fun to call me 'Joanne Sandwich'. Not appreciated when you are 7. But it was more of a pain than it was worth and he got rid of the boat after 2 or 3 summers.

  4. I really like the Bouchard. It reminds me of a little tug boat toy I used to play with in the bath.

    Hi, JoJo! I hope you're well. Good to see you again in blogland.

    1. Hi! Um.....had I disappeared? lol The Bouchard is the barge not the tug. There is going to be a tug boat parade in the Canal in a few weeks to celebrate the 100th anniversary!

  5. Love those cloud pictures. Pure wow factor! ♥

    1. Thanks! I love when those make an appearance!