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December 7, 2013

The Holiday Are Upon Us!

I remember back in January, when the year started off so incredibly horribly for us and everyone else, I couldn't wait to see the end of 2013 and here we are again, less than 30 days from another year gone by.

After Russell left for the week, I broke out the decorations and got to work.  It was A LOT of work too, and I can't find some stuff I know I have.  There are enough decorations and ornaments to do every room in the house, but I kept it confined to the livingroom.  It took hours and hours too, although I was trying to clean the house and organize stuff at the same time.  

Putz houses I got on ebay that are like the set my parents had when I was a kid.

I really like the way these pics came out without the flash.  I am going to have to go into Sandwich and re-shoot all the 'Sandwich Giants' again.  

Glass blobs on a bottle I made last year.  Yes that's Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo.

Some needlework (back left snowman, center Santa, back right 3D sled scene) and a bowl of glittery bulbs. 

I didn't do the beaded thing in the back, but I did do the beaded candle cup in the front.

The Christmas Shelf I made last year.

Rudolph characters.

Those 2 open scenes play music when wound up and the characters around the center move around.

Outside deck.

Make-It Bake-It kits I made back in the mid-70s.  It's really hard to find these kits anymore.  


  1. You are decked out for sure. Very nice! I decorated yesterday on my snow day.

  2. Wow! It's a Christmas wonderland in your house! I'd love to spend some time there, just checking out all your stuff!

    1. And this stuff is the tip of the iceberg....I still have boxes of more decorations but no room for them.

  3. I have decorated my living room too, JoJo, watch for a mid month post. It took many years to amass the collections, and many craft fairs. Now I get to play at display.

    Thanks for sharing your creativity! (hope you find the lost stuff, I had the same problem the year we moved and the year after). I identify them better now.

  4. A lot of work, but your home looks so festive!! Love it! ♥ It is the best time of the year and so worth the effort!

  5. Your house is a children's wonderland,I love your village so I'm off to eBay to see if the uk has any.

  6. Love those Rudolph characters, love the trees.

  7. Oh Rudolph is the best; a Christmas tradition that we still continue to this day; watching his special. I even used to have Burl Ives' records. Both my trees (large at home, small tabletop at work) have quite a few Rudlph ornies.