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December 18, 2013

Freezing my Cookies off in Plymouth

I am in need of a new phone and since the Walmart in Wareham was all but sold out, I tried the one up in Plymouth, but they, too, were sold out.  It was a bitter cold day but I didn't want the trip to be wasted, so I swung into town to take a few pictures.  Had the wind not been slicing my face off, I would have parked and walked around but it was impossible.

First place I stopped was the National Monument to the Forefathers.  In all the years I lived here the first time, all those trips up and down Rte 3, the school field trips or just bringing out of town friends to see Plymouth Rock, I never once saw or heard of this place. Despite it's height and being on a hill, you can't see it from the highway, even in winter.  You can't see it from the main road that goes into town either.  The first time I spotted it was this past summer from down at the waterfront.  It's been there since 1889.

Then I drove down to the marina to get a shot of the lobstah trap tree.  I'm sure this looks pretty at night all lit up.

Looks like a lovely summer day, eh? Not even close.  It was in the low 20s and the wind off the water was cruel.  My fingers, toes and nose were frozen.

Plymouth's Town Tree.

I liked how Burial Hill looked with the dusting of snow.

This was the last picture I took.  I drove down Main Street and saw pretty store front decorations but by this point I couldn't feel my toes, so I went home!


  1. I loved the statue you discovered and the lobster trap tree is awesome. Bet it looks amazing lit up at night. ♥

  2. Love all the festive decorations... such a special time of year; everything looks so wonderful! Sorry you froze; it DOES look a lot warmer! (Of course, nearly everywhere is warmer than up here!) ;)

  3. Looks beautiful there!!

  4. OMG! I'm here! I read it! I'm commenting! But will it go through...we'll see.
    I'm sometimes amazed at what I find in my own home town some days when I have to take a detour due to all the flood-repair construction. We have a statue of Teddy Roosevelt! Awesome!
    Great shots as always. Love me the lobstah trap tree. Would it be asking too much for you to go take a picture of it some nice warm evening?
    Tina @ Life is Good