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November 12, 2013

More Foliage

The Sagamore Bridge is being worked on again so using the Highway to get home isn't really an option for the next few months.  That means making a longer slog down Rte. 6A into Bourne....longer cause it's two lane, curvy, has lights and is kinda slow.  But it's also more picturesque too.

I pulled into one of my fave spots, up Discovery Hill Road, to see if I could get some foliage reflections in Smiling Pool.  This body of water doesn't appear to have an official name with the's behind Green Briar Jam Kitchen and where Thornton W. Burgess' children's books were set, in the Briar Patch and Smiling Pool.  It's the one at the bottom of this screen grab of the area, and it does look like a smile. 

The leaves were mostly gone by and falling from the trees in droves.  

The sumac is gorgeous.

As I headed into downtown Sandwich, I spied a bright orange maple tree.  I've seen red/orange/yellow, but not just shades of orange like this one.

And finally, the last of the foliage in my yard.  Lots of oak trees yet no acorns.  Even if the squirrels took them, there'd at least be a few caps left behind but nothing as yet.


  1. JUST BEAUTIFUL! The south doesn't have that flaming red color, unfortunately... I always say, the north has the amazing autumn, but the south has the amazing spring. I guess thats why the rich choose to have houses in both places!

  2. Wow, incredible colours!

  3. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I think this is my favourite time of year :0)

  4. WOW, you really got some beautiful pictures! ♥

  5. That is what I love about the Pacific Northwest, too, JoJo. I love the color. That orange tree is gorgeous. I think of the Impressionists when I see these trees.

  6. Beautiful!!! Such burst of colors! Pleasing to an eye, you are lucky to live among such beauty, Jojo :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh how gorgeous! Love the reflection one - just amazing. What a beautiful area you live in. You've got more shades of colors than we do here. Ok, crossing my fingers that I don't get the dreaded "oh snap". Haven't been able to comment here in over a week...
    Tina @ Life is Good

  8. ::sighs:: Those are all so lovely. Beautiful, the colors we hide beneath the surface green...

  9. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I NEVER get tired of looking at the fall colors.. These photos are absolutely beautiful but I know seeing them first hand is just something beyond what any photo can capture.. It's not just the colors, it's the smell, the feeling of fall.. Wow.. It's one of the things I miss being in Idaho. No leafy trees.. Too much of a fire hazard.. GREAT photos..

  10. Beautiful pictures of the fall colors, I especially enjoyed the ones with the water reflecting all those vibrant colors.
    I've noticed that acorns seem to vary from year to year. Some years we have a bumper crop of acorns and some years hardly any at all. Wonder if the oaks just take a break every couple of years ?