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November 4, 2013

Benjamin Nye House & East Sandwich Grange

I grew up near this old colonial homestead property, The Benjamin Nye House.  Passed it every day on the school bus.  I have taken pics of it in the past but I've never toured the museum.  It's closed now for the winter.  The Nye Family settled here in shortly after the town was founded in 1637.    

The Grange Hall is next door.  It used to be like an agricultural collective of some kind, but members had to undergo an initiation.  My parents joined in the early 50s when they moved here and my mom described it as kind of silly but nothing secretive or bad.  They really didn't participate in any Grange things when I was growing up, although every mid-November till I was in junior high, we went to a pre-Thanksgiving turkey dinner in the basement with other members.

This is an old mill.  I'm surprised it's still standing and hasn't been torn down yet.  

Reflection of a window in the water underneath the mill.

Swan in the little pond across the street


  1. Reflections in the water make the prettiest pictures! ♥

  2. Beautiful swans, lovely landscapes, awesome crusty old buildings. Love them all!

  3. You captured tranquility. The swan pictures look like Monet masterpieces. Very nice, JoJo.

    Happy Monday.

  4. What a beautiful OLD property. Wow.

  5. This reminds me so much of a mill I grew up near. Although, we didn't have a secret club! =)

  6. So, so beautiful.. I reeeaaalllly want to go there now! :) And how cool that you got to grow up around and in such beauty..

    1. And I totally didn't appreciate it the first time around. lol

  7. You live in a beautiful part of our planet. The ambience of your photos captures it magnificently.

    Gary :)

  8. Wow! Such a nice stroll, Jojo, thanks! Those colors of nature are magnificent! I love all the photos, and the old house of course!