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November 1, 2013

Beachcombing in the Rain

I went to Sandy Neck in mid-October to get some small stones for that lighthouse project I featured.  It was a cool, foggy, breezy day but I was out there in shorts and a long sleeve shirt.  By the time I was done, my hair was dripping wet.  The other people I saw walking along were bundled up in jeans, hoodies and coats.  

It's not a great beach for glass but I got 3 small pieces.  I was mostly focused on the stones.

I love it when the water does this....pools around a bit of sand near shore making a mini sand bar.  This was at high tide too.  

When I was a kid I would love to play in these tide pools.  It was a whole other world.

I think these are sandpipers.

More magical tidepools.


  1. Very calming photos... I would be down there collecting rocks too!

  2. I'm freezing just looking at your pictures! I love when the water makes those mini-sandbars too. They are so pretty.

  3. Your photos always make me long to be at the ocean!

  4. Winter cometh....just to make us all feel better tho', this time in 8 weeks, Christmas will be all over ;0)

  5. I think it is so amazing you are able to visit the beach whenever your heart desires. If it were me and I lived close enough my heart would desire every single day. ♥

  6. There's so much beauty in every square inch of beach. You capture it well, JoJo.

    Have a great weekend.

    PS I enlarged the picture on my blog. Thanks for your feedback. I didn't realize how small it was. =)


  7. I have given you an award because you are just plain awesome! Please stop by to pick it up! ♥

  8. ::sighs:: Lovely. I so envy you, living so near the ocean.
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