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October 30, 2013

The Prettiest Tree in the Neighbourhood

There is the most magnificent maple tree across the street from our house.  As I write this, it's still ablaze in fiery reds and oranges, but missing a great deal of leaves.  I suspect it will be almost bare by the time this post is published.

It's freakin HUGE.

The colour palette of this tree is incredible.

And it was still green when I shot these!

This is an oak in my yard which looks pretty in the sun.  It doesn't cycle through all the shades from green to red like the maples, it just goes from green to red.

Also in the yard

I tried this project of sticking leaves to a candle cup and used spray adhesive instead of the paper mache' glue that is recommended.  I was an idiot and sprayed the glass instead of the leaves so I had to use a Q-tip dipped in Goo Gone to remove the sticky mess from the glass.  Then I painted Mod Podge over the top of the leaves.  So far it's holding up OK and staying preserved, but the individual leaves I tried to preserve in contact paper and with Mod Podge all turned brown anyway. 


  1. Lovely colours,you're so good at taking photos. That tree really is huge and it's blocking all the light from the house.

  2. Great photos, JoJo. Since I moved to the Northwest, I have loved maple trees. Our oaks are turning red as well, the first time I've noticed, since we had drier summer this year. It's the bright show before the dreary leafless times.You have captured the explosion of colour very well!

    1. PS - in reply to your question about Halloween in Paris, they have parties, probably not the door to door tradition.

  3. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Breathtakingly gorgeous :0)

  4. I've seen some nice fiery-colored trees during my Seattle trip and piles of leaves on the ground. Things I don't get to see very often.
    I like the leafy candle cup that you made!

  5. Such a burst of color in the morning, thanks Jojo! The trees are absolutely stunning in their natural colors!
    Your candle holder is so cute, and cozy :)I wish we had mod podge here.. may be I shall ask in the stationery shops.

  6. I agree about those colors. The word that comes to me is "exquisite". The glass looks like a great way to preserve them. I hope it holds.

    Happy Halloween, JoJo.

  7. Beautiful foliage captured brilliantly! ♥