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October 15, 2013

The Little House in the Marshes

The area behind Sandy Neck Beach is called The Great Marshes.  As you've seen from prior photos, the beaches on Cape Cod Bay all have an extensive wetlands/marsh system behind them.  There's one place in West Barnstable where you can drive out pretty far, down Navigation Road.  The Red Dot shows where I was shooting pics one day last week.

This is an old duck camp, or maybe it's still in use, but in any event, it sits up on stilts to keep it dry from very high tides.  The day we went, it was an extremely high tide but the puddles I encountered were from the rain we'd had the night before.  The drive out there is on a pretty rough dirt road with lots of bumps too.  I'm glad I got these pictures because there's just no way I'm taking my car back out there.

This is the end of the road where the boulders are.  I wish I had taken some reflection pics but there was so much water that I was afraid we were going to get stuck.

The dunes at Sandy Neck

Hubby waits patiently while I do my photo thang.  

We got out OK, but Russell steered as I slowly backed out and made the three point turn, while I used the brake and gas at his instruction, so that we could avoid all the deepest parts and even at that the car did bottom out once.  I don't recommend this road for a small passenger car.  I'd feel better in a truck or SUV!


  1. That wouldn't be good if you got stuck out there! It looks pretty desolate! But what scenery! Love the house on stilts! Great shots!

  2. Beautiful marsh shots, and brave you are. Didn't the natives call it 'the ground that moves'?
    Green doors, etc. nice too. Nice angles.

  3. Ah what we do for our craft, eh? Glad you didn't get stuck - smart to bring Russell with you - just in case ;)

    Those photos are gorgeous, love the green wood.

  4. If one was going to get stuck, that would be a great place to get stuck. Very interesting photos and I love that usual house.


  5. You and Russell might be wise to invest in something with 4 wheel drive so you can go anywhere your adventures take you without worry. Looks like a cool place! :D

  6. Sounds like a rough ride in and out, but you got some really great pictures. I love the ones with the grasses blowing.
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