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October 22, 2013

Scarecrows of BBay

It seems that the town has gotten a late start with the scarecrows this year because they didn't show up till around Columbus Day weekend so I went out to shoot them all along Main Street.  These are the highlights.

The green pallor is perfect for the Port O'Call!  

I think this is a beauty salon.

Post Office

Epic house is epic.

HAHAHAHA  Especially after 'Biodome'.  

Bedazzled Laundry!!

By the end of my walk it was cloudy and blustery.

Loved this one!

Not a scarecrow but I liked how the watertower looked.


  1. Oh no! Don't "shoot" the scarecrows! Ha ha! I love when the towns have a scarecrowfest, but remember the days when scarecrows weren't really "scary" with horror film masks?

  2. How utterly cool! I loved the witch and the bug! I love how the town gets into the spirit of Halloween and am so happy you decided to share it with all of us. ♥

  3. Wow, you guys are really into the season up there. I wish it was like that here. I like the beauty salon scarecrow the best.

  4. Those are awesome! Here there's usually just cornstalks and pumpkins, occasionally a purchased decoration.

  5. Pauly Shore *snort*! I wonder if PS has seen that photo...

    So cool the neighborhood gets into these group projects and displays.