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September 10, 2013

More Fun with Glass Crafts

I absolutely LOVE this picture, which was on Pinterest.  Again, no tutorial required because all you need is a bottle, glass blobbies and glue.  I have quite a few of them, but not in the variety of colours seen here.  I couldn't find purple or a nice pink either.  

I'd saved a Star brand vinegar bottle and decided to use that.  It took four days of gluing the rows on.  It wasn't easy at times as whole sections would fall off after being carefully placed and I'd have to redo them and then hold them on the bottle till the glue started to set.  You can't do more than one row at a time because the weight of each new row will pop the glass off below.

It came out pretty good.....but I really like the jewels used on that Patron bottle above so I'll probably try this again if I can get better glass.

I've mentioned before that Russell was a Coke driver for 25 years.  He had a set of four of these clear glasses so I used red glass paint on the inside of one of them.  I wanted to do it on the outside but the white logo proved problematic.  I'd never be able to paint around it.  Then I added glitter paint to the logo on both sides, and stuck rhinestones on it, cause really, what's a craft without rhinestones?


  1. You should totally do a Patron bottle. I could help you dispose of the contents. Seriously though, nice stuff. And yes, rhinestones are a MUST. Bedazzle it baby!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  2. Is that the official name? Blobbies? ha ha!!

    I love the Coke glass!! I drink two small Cokes every day so I can relate to it.

  3. As usual, wonderful, magical projects of yours, Jojo! I do love your version of the bottle, maybe you need a bigger one next time :)I have no idea if I can find such semi-balls here.
    Also Coca Cola shall be grateful to you for decorating the glasses so nicely! Looks like Christmas set :)

  4. Pretty bottle and glass! At first I thought that Patron bottle was filled with marbles.

    Have you ever used Glossy Accents? It is a GREAT glue (other than my go-to for all heavy use - E6000). It doesn't take long to dry at all and dries clear.

  5. Anonymous11:58 AM

    You need to start your own internet company to sell your beautiful crafts - seriously

  6. What colorful fun! I know what you mean about waiting for glue to dry...but it's worth it!

  7. These are so pretty. I love the coke glass. It really sparkles it up!

  8. These are so pretty. I love the coke glass. It really sparkles it up!

  9. What a cool bottle! Nice job on the glass crafts, and I second the glossy accents glue. The other one I use is called Fusion, not quite as toxic as the E6000 stuff. I would put some rubber bands around each level to hold it until it is dry.

  10. I am digging the bottle with the glass cabs, it turned out very cool! The coke glass is pretty cool to.
    Everyday Inspired

  11. Thanks everyone! I do have my fun, but these items are piling up and I'm running out of room! lol

  12. Those are gorgeous, JoJo - well worth the time and effort you invested. Glass is so beautiful.

    Be well.