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August 1, 2013


I had to run an errand to Hyannis and Osterville one day and took a little walk round the main part of the village.  Here's a map to show where Osterville is located (red dot).  It's one of the villages in the town of Barnstable.

Cotacheset was the Native American name of the town.  As the white settlers moved in, the area became famous for oystering, so renamed Oysterville.  Unfortunately a spelling error on a map changed it to Osterville.  

I must have been to Osterville at least one or two times as a kid, but it's not a place that I would go without a reason, although it's still very pretty and largely unchanged.  It's very upscale, elegant, beautiful and quaintly 'olde Cape Cod'.  The Kennedys shop here, where I'm more at home on funky Main Street in Hyannis.

This hibiscus was just awesome.


This funky car was parked in front of me.


  1. You have such lovely places around where you live.The Shop,Books by The Sea,what a lovely name.I love the car too.

  2. Sure looks like a beautiful place, but I'm with you. Give me funky over upscale any day. You and would really have fun shopping in Boulder, CO...
    Tina @ Life is Good

  3. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place! Wow that hibiscus IS incredible...

  4. Another wonderful collection of photos. Thank you. Although, when I looked at that map, I thought I was looking at a part of Old England. I've been to Barnstaple, England.

    Gary :)

  5. Upscale usually means more costly. I prefer funky, too.

    Nice angle shot of that church, JoJo.

  6. Anonymous3:59 AM

    What a pretty little town! I prefer the name Cotacheset tho'

  7. Well it looks like a beautiful area!!

    Greetings from Minneapolis,


  8. You know me, funky over upscale too any day! It does look like a neat little town though. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  9. What an amazing place! Thank you for sharing your pictures and giving us all a glimpse of the scenery.


  10. JoJo thanks for the trip around Osterville, it is a pretty place. Looked like a nice place to visit but doubt that my wallet could afford the souvenir shops there. :D

    Loved the photos of the hibiscus and hydrangea - we can grow hibiscus down here in south Florida but hydrangea do not fare well in our heat and humidity and our poor sandy soil.

    The little chef statue with the USA flag was cute, he made me grin. :)

  11. Osterville was a frequent place I visited in the 80-90s when my friends lived there. Great town.