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August 18, 2013

Fort Phoenix

OMG SO BUSY!!!!  My cousin Diane & her kids were up for a couple of weeks and we were able to get together and do a little road trip to Fort Phoenix, in Fairhaven and the kids were dying to see the Lizzie Borden House (pun not intended).  

I'd never heard of Fort Phoenix before, but Di was taken there a few times as a kid and took her own kids once years ago and they'd had fun; she said there were lots of photo ops.  I have always thought of Fairhaven, New Bedford and Fall River...all of Southeastern MA the armpit of the state.  Just creepy old mill cities full of decay and crime.  But the drive to get to the Fort was through a really pretty part of town with incredible architecture, as seen in this picture.  I'd love to go back and shoot there this fall.

The Fort dates back to the revolutionary war.  It was destroyed by the British in 1778 and rebuilt.  Hence, the name.

I thought this was Cleveland Ledge Lighthouse, that one I shoot from Scraggy Neck, but this is Butler Flats, built in 1898.  You can read about it HERE.  

The body of water is Buzzards Bay.

There go the kids....

I turned to shoot this picture of the quartz vein in this rock....

...and down goes Maddie.  She slipped on the green algae and slid right into the water.  Of course the first thing her brothers, mother and I do is bust out laughing and start taking pictures.  lol  She was laughing too, but as it turns out she did get quite a few cuts and bruises, she was soaked, her iPhone got wet but survived and her white shorts were filthy.  Diane had to take her back to the van for triage while I kept an eye on the boys, who promptly took off running to explore the Fort and cannons, leaving me behind and trying to keep up.

Looking towards New Bedford

Boys will be boys.  Logan loved jumping off the canons

Maddie, Adam & Logan.  I can't believe how fast they are growing up.  Adam towers over me.

The fam: Maddie, Adam, Logan & Diane


  1. So - a great family time was had by all? Kids never stop moving, since there's so much to see.

    That first building does look interesting. Hope you do get back to explore more.

  2. Yes we had a lot of fun that day! I forgot how nimble & fast kids are. Those boys were out of my sight in no time but I finally caught up to them! lol

  3. Looks like you had fun! I love that picture of the door, dunno why! Maddie's a good sport!
    Hope they let you take pics at the Lizzie Borden house? LOVE to see that! It's on my bucket list - does that make me creepy? lol!

  4. Cannon to right of them, cannon to left of them...

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  6. Looks like a lovely trip Jojo, thanks for sharing your pictures!

  7. The East Coast is great for its historical sites alone. I hope Maddie's fully healed. This was a fun post, JoJo.


  8. I'm glad you guys had fun, despite the slip and fall into the water. It seems like it happens with one of my kids every time!

  9. Looks like it was a wonderful outing, even with Maddie's tumble into the water. Glad she seems to be an easy going teenage girl - some would have had a royal conniption over it.

  10. You do get around.Fascinating place and lovely family.