Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

July 18, 2013

July Randomness

The humidity has been almost nonstop, with only one day of cool and comfortable temperatures.  So I've been hiding in the house for the most part.  

Oh I thought this was kind of an amusing anecdote.  One of the craft-themed FB pages I follow asked a question over the weekend, 'Who would play you in the movie of your life?'.  I read it out loud and pondered it for a second before deciding to type 'Tatum O'Neal' into the comments.  Without missing a beat, Russell says, 'Cyndi Lauper.'  OK, first of all, he gets major props for being aware of who Cyndi Lauper is, because he is not a music fan at all. Second, I took it as a huge compliment because I admire Cyndi's colourful individuality and wackiness.

We had some real steamy, rainy afternoons.  It's not uncommon for a late afternoon/early evening thunderstorm to crop up in this kind of weather. 

I hope I can get to these before the birds do.

That's a teensy snail on a branch, inside a water droplet that's reflecting my house.  We have a lot of snails in our yard of varying sizes.  I know they are a pest but I do like them.  I always think of the lyrics to the Donovan song, 'There is a mountain':  "The lock upon my garden gate's a snail, that's what it is".  

And another droplet pic showing that leaf in the background.

Droplets on the CD windspinner.

Driftwood & foreign coin hanging.

Found inside one of the many fortune cookies we got over 4th of July.  Hmmmmm

I started a new colouring book called 'Out of This World Designs', using my new set of gel pens.  Also used were Prismacolour pencils and rhinestones.  

Liz had to go and mention that she made blueberry crisp, and I marched into the kitchen to make one too.  It was yummy. Soooo very yummy.

We haven't had many decent sunsets so far but one night revealed a lovely half moon and sunset.


  1. I love the snail in the water droplet photos, JoJo, that's superb photography. As for the snail itself, I'm a gardener and snails are the enemy.

    I love reflection shots, they seem like a peek into another world.

    Kudos to your man for knowing about Cindy Lauper - and for comparing you to someone you like. My hubs compared me to Leslie Caron once, which surprised and pleased me.

  2. Gorgeous pictures and I love the effects you got in the coloring book using gel pens and gems. Very pretty and sparkly!!


  3. My dear friend, your photos are exquisite, vibrant and imaginative. And thanks for the musical thoughts. I reckon Cyndi is still just wanting to have fun. And Donovan is still looking for a mongoose.

    Be well and thank you for a delightful posting. Although, I can relate to the humidity and my fingers are slipping on the keyboard....

    Gary :)

  4. You have the best camera! The details it picks up are amazing.

    I love Cyndi Lauper. She has the best personality. She is a never ending bundle of energy and supports so many great causes!!

  5. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Beautiful, as always :0)

  6. I like this eclectic mix of pictures, JoJo. MMmm to those berries. I've been seeing, picking and enjoying a lot of those around here.


  7. The snail is cute, the berries look yummy. Love the randomness of it all... hope the heat has subsided.