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July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Wishing our neighbours to the north a great Canada Day!  Happy Birthday Canada!!!!

This looks awesome.

I do wish I had a good excuse to make this......

I did make these though....I wish I had little candy maple leaves for the white.  They don't sell them here.

An Ookpik is a stuffed toy owl-like critter made by the First Nations Inuit and sold as souvenirs.  Ukpik means 'snowy owl' in the Inuktitut language.  I just thought this was the cutest cartoon.  (by the way if you want a chuckle, do check out the Savage Chickens site, HERE).


  1. Sweet post Jojo :) I didn't know it was Canada Day! Is that like 4th July? (Sorry for my ignorance!)

    How have you been? :) Thank you for your advice on my blog!

  2. I would make up an excuse to make that and devour it. It looks so yummy!!

    Make it for Canada Day!!


  3. Happy Canada Day JoJo, those cakes look delicious!! {I may have to try to make one of those!)

  4. Lovely post for all our friends across our Northern border.

    The cake does look tempting - what if you made one for the 4th and instead of the red maple leaf put in a big, blue sprinkles Star ?

  5. If only fireworks really looked like that in the sky! Happy July!

  6. Hi Nikki! Yes, Canada Day is their country's birthday like our July 4th. :)

    Kathy I would too but I just cannot have something like that in my house with just me. I would make it for a party but not just to have! lol The strawberry cake would probably be the lesser of the two evils though.

    Monica if you do, blog it.

  7. Wow...that's great!
    Happy Canada Day JoJo.
    This reminds of series How I met you mother...I don't whether you watch or not..but there is one character named Robin she is also Canadian..even she used to talk about Canada Day :) enjoy!!!

  8. Thank you JoJo! What an amazing day; watching festivities from Ottawa, Central Park New York, and London England is awesome!!!

    As a Canuck, I absolutely am thrilled that you know so much about Canada to share with your fellow Americans, therefore I hereby declare you an

    "Honorary Citizen of Canada".

    I am so proud to call you Friend! Welcome eh!

  9. Happy Canada day! That twix cake is enough to make a hypoglycemic weep...
    Tina @ Life is Good

  10. Thnnks, JoJo, although I'm dropping by late! WE appreciate it. That's the royal 'we'.

  11. Happy Canada Day! what delicious cakes you showed us - I want to eat them now :)