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May 13, 2013

The Project Book

I've gotten so used to seeing my 3 ring binder Project Book over the years that I've ceased to actually 'see' it anymore, until the other day.  I decided to pull it out and take a look at some of the projects I've been saving since the 1990s.  I started this binder back in California.  A lot of the rhinestones have popped off over the years.

This sucker weighs a ton and is 4" tall.  (I have two other 3-ring binders that contain just pictures of beautiful arts & crafts. I call them my Books of Pretty Things).

All the pages are in page protectors, of course.  The first section of pages is just devoted to tips, techniques and stitches.  The rest of the book has all the projects.

So many jewelry and ornament ideas!!!  There are some that I know I lack the skill to make.  Like for example I don't think I'll ever be able to make Huichol earrings and they aren't at all in style anymore. 

I showed it to Russell, sighed wistfully and said, 'I always meant to get to these and never did.'  He goes, 'So what's stopping you now?'  Hmm...good point!!  I've been so busy doing Pinterest and internet crafts that I haven't made any time for these (although there are quite a few in here that I have done)!!  Time to fix that.

The first one I decided to do was a decorated vase.  I found the cobalt vase at the Whatchamacallit Shop on Easter for $3.00.  So I used the glass etching kit to put a sun on the front.  

Then I strung the coloured glass beads around it, added the drops and finally the blue and silver swags.

I swore I wasn't going to make any more jewelry till my current stuff sells but the instructions for this were really simple and I had all the supplies at hand without needing to dig too much.

And then I made this Christmas tree 'one of a kind cause I ain't doin' that again' pin.  I now remember why I don't work with seed beads all that much.  It's tedious as hell.  I haven't done brick stitch in years and I was very clumsy at first & I nearly gave up a few times.  I also couldn't understand the instructions on how to increase the rows to make the tiers, so I ended up doing 3 separate pieces and joining them up the best I could. 

And here is a pic of it after the backing was put on (green felt).  I just need to find a small pinback for it.  I used a green marker to hide the white thread! 

That's a good start!  Now only about 200 or more left to go.


  1. That vase rocks! I'd love to have something like that in my backyard.

  2. JoJo, that is one impressive Project Book. :D

    Your cobalt blue glass vase turned out beautifully - the etching shows up nicely on it and your beaded embellishment takes it from "nice" to spectacular.

    Yes seed bead work is piddlely (yeah that's probably not a word) and there are so many different stitches and ways to do them that I always have to look up those basic instruction before I begin a new seed bead project. I suppose if all I ever did was tiny beadwork, the stitch maneuvers would become permanently "etched" in my brain.
    Having said that, I think your seed bead Christmas Tree turned out great. As they say, there's more than one way to skin a cat and you proved that by figuring out your own way to complete the Christmas Tree beadwork. :)

  3. I freaking love the vase! Awesome the color and all the embellishments. :)

  4. Your Christmas tree is lovely!

  5. You are not only talented, you are SO organised!

  6. Thank you everyone. :D

  7. I love the vase and the necklace . You should just go through the book again and try all thrones you have missed.

  8. I love that beading on the vase - might have to pinch that idea if you don't mind?
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  9. WOW, as always I am impressed. I loved the vase with the beading. That is unique and gorgeous!


  10. When I saw how much stuff you had in that binder I said, out loud to the room at large, "Holy crap!" Dang, girl - you're CRAFTY!!!!! :-)

    Lovely work on that vase. Is the glass etching work hard to do?
    Some Dark Romantic

  11. Awesome project book! My sister needs that for her china painting. She has scads of files and old books and magazines with book marks in them thinking, "I'll make that some day." She would have way more time to paint if she could put her hands on "that picture!"

    I love the vase and necklace--and pin, too! I can see why you would only make one of a kind. That is what I do with almost everything I make! :D

  12. What a great idea to organize art ideas in that way! I'm going to try that myself. We'll see...

    Loved the vase with the sun! Pretty.

  13. Pretties! Love the necklaces and the vase is fab!