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May 5, 2013

Easter in BBay

My honey left for the road on Easter morning and it was a really nice day.  March came in like a lion but went out like a lamb.  Although I was invited to my sister in law's in Sandwich, I felt kind of shy and awkward about going over there w/o Russell.  I'm really weird that way and am hoping I can get past it soon.  I was blue and missing him really bad, so I decided to take a walk into town and blow out the cobwebs.  These pinwheels are near my bank.

I used the action setting to capture the spinning wheels.

These pinwheels symbolize the 200 Cape & Islands children that reported sexual abuse last year. :-(

Looooove carnations.

My fave store was open from 12 - 5!!!!  So I went in.  Bad me.

This box was full of albums that could so easily have come from my own collection, or that of my bffs Holly & Liz.  The 3 of us were major Boomtown Rats fans in the early 80s, and we went to see them at the Boston Orpheum in February of 1981 when we were in high school.

Glaassssssss  so pretty!

These eggs were "egg-squisite".

I would literally buy everything in this store.  I would love to work there just to be surrounded by all of it.

Gorgeous aqua glass and I was digging that glass basket in the center.  I also saw a huge & heavy hunk of raw cobalt blue glass that I coveted, but not for $35.  There was also a metal Lost in Space lunchbox I wanted, but at $50, just couldn't do that either.

That one creepy house......

It's hard to tell but there is no glass in the window on the left so the blowing curtain made it extra spooky.

On the walk home, I saw what could only be described as Easter bunny poop.  lol

My pal JoLisa took this great photo of her adorable 3 year old son, Gabe, looking at my bunny poo picture, to which he exclaimed to his mom, 'bunny left lots of poops!'  (picture published by permission).  They live in South Dakota.

I got this pair of blue crystals at the Whatchamacallit Shop for $3.  The photo doesn't do them justice.  Oooh Shiny!


  1. Those pinwheels are truly heartbreaking, JoJo. So many tiny hearts shattered by trusted adults. Just awful. Ugh.

  2. Thanks for sharing your walkabout, JoJo. I hurt too for all those little ones represented by the pinwheels. Speaking up is a start.

    Love all that transparent glass, but I'm especially fond of the blue, aqua and green glass.

  3. I wondered why so many pinwheels would be set out like that - how awful to realize so many lives affected by such horror.

    Awesome photos of your walk JoJo.

    I love the turquoise glass - I found another cobalt piece for my small collection. I was thinking of you when I spotted it!

  4. Easter bunny poop! Love it.

  5. You had a mixture of gloomy and colorful pictures this time. Some creepy house and creepy railways..but Easter bunny poop made me smile ;)lol