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April 16, 2013

I Heart Boston

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge what just happened in my state yesterday, in my old college stomping grounds.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by it, but I was.  It was only a matter of time before a major sporting event was attacked.  I just always thought it'd be like the Superbowl or the Olympics.  I admit that I almost expect it.  But not at the Boston Marathon.  Not in my state.....

I am so upset and keep getting all weepy, even though I wasn't there or even close by.  I live about 55 miles south, but I have been on Boylston x Exeter hundreds of times when I lived at Emerson.  That's the Back Bay and it was my old neighbourhood. 

Patriots Day has always been kind of a big deal here in Massachusetts.  Time out of mind, I remember it always falls the first Monday of spring break, it's a state holiday but not a federal one, the Boston Marathon is always run that day, and the Red Sox always play a home game at Fenway at 11:00 a.m., the only day of the year a game starts that early.  You can count on these Patriot Day things in the Bay State, just like you can count on Christmas.  It's part of our fabric, and I didn't forget it at all when I lived out west.  I was always aware of the day of the marathon and by rote would also immediately think, '11:00 start time for the Sox'.  

In April of 1986, my senior year at Emerson and with a month left before graduation, I walked up to the marathon finish line area, although I really don't remember much of that day, except that it was wicked crowded.  I had been working at Boston's Hot Hits WZOU answering the request line for a few months and found the ZOO crew.  I had a lot of friends that worked or interned at ZOU; it was one of the local media outlets that always, always hired Emersonians.  Here's a pic of fellow Class of 86 friends, Tom on the far left, and my best friend Ellen, on the right.  She was the one that got me in at the station because she was working there part time since we started senior year in the fall of 85.  The man in the middle is DJ Harry Nelson, who I grew up listening to on WRKO when I was a little girl. To be in his get to answer the request line on his show which I did a few times, was like....well, imagine someone you've always admired and emulated, who inspired you to pursue radio and communications, and then getting to work for them and that's what it was like.  The fact that he was a truly a wonderful, kind, patient and friendly man was the icing on the cake.  Everyone loves him. This is my only real memory of the Marathon in 1986.  

Right after the news broke, I texted Russell to let him know since he is unaware of news while he's on the road.  He called me and we talked a few was just good to hear his voice and say I love you....he was far away in NJ.  Then Marsha invited me for dinner and it was good to be with people as chaos ensued up north.  But after I got home I had to step away from all the conjecture, media vultures & misinformation.  This is why I left TV news.  It bugs the shit out of me that the stations are posturing to be the first to break new information that they mislead everyone with rumours.  It's so that later on they can do promos saying they were first.  BFD.  It also bugs the shit out of me that TV stations will do whatever they can to find a person that was there or knows someone that was there, as if that person's presence links a whole other region to the tragedy.

I decided that I was gonna have to go to the beach the next day and I was on Scusset by about 9:15.  It was still low tide and I was the only one there.  

So I serpentined up and down the tide lines, looking for flat rocks and glass.

So pretty.

Coast guard

This made me laugh.  It's at the top of the Scusset jetty.

I couldn't resist making a little guerrilla beach art.

EPIC scores today.  This is a record for Scusset.  Those blue chunks are amazing, and the olivine glass is unusual.  The piece next to the blue is a very pale purple, and next to that are 2 pieces of pale aqua.  And a piece of ceramic too.  Plus a couple of heart shaped stones, and up at the top on the left some unusual quartz, a button and a little clam shell.  And a pretty purple bit of shell next to the heart rocks.  Beach brick down the bottom.  

I hope they find the bastards that did this, and soon.


  1. Great post JoJo. Feeling so similar!! xo

  2. I do too JoJo, I do too.

    Glad you found some peace and lovely treasures at the beach.

  3. Over in the UK we are all disgusted that anyone could take lives like that and our prayers are with everyone who's been affected by it.On Sunday the London Marathon will begin and I'm sure many people will pull out,just in case,but as most people run for a charity and have sponsers most will feel they have to do it and not give into terrorists.

  4. I was on my way to class and my mom called to tell me. I have been having a hard time holding back my tears. I had posted your picture earlier in the day and had just told a friend at work how much I loved Patriot's Day - it was always my favorite day in Boston. My body sat in two classes last night, but my mind was on Boston. Even though I haven't lived there in many, many years, I will always consider it home. I love that city. And it will bounce back.

  5. Great post JoJo. My cousin's son was running in the marathon. Just feel so bad for all those involved. I loved reading about your memories and seeing your pictures.


  6. It's been a difficult 24 hours. Hey Ellen! So great you stopped by! That was an awesome day at Marathon 86; I love that picture!!

  7. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Great post. Hope they find who did this and soon. Lovely pics.

  8. Great post! Good for you for leaving TV and rampant speculation behind to find beauty at the beach.

  9. Sharing your same feeling today. I hope it all concludes very quickly. Great finds on the beach, such great colors of glass.
    Everyday Inspired

  10. Great pictures. And I just wanted to say that your banner pic of the clouds is AMAZING! I love clouds.

    Very sorry for everyone in Boston.

  11. We all are shocked here by this horrible attack too... it makes me wonder can we ever be safe living in our states and cities? it scares me... i am happy to be able to enjoy another day as some can never do this again.

    Nice pictures, I bet you were trying to find peace in those views and in the blow of the wind..I hope you found it.

  12. Beautiful...I can imagine how upset anyone who has ever lived in Boston would feel. I've visited Boston twice, and I love it there, so I can relate in a small way. What a great way to heal, to walk on the beach and collect glass!

  13. It was such a slap in the face. The Boston Marathon is what's good about the world. People from all over the world coming together for healthy competition and fun. For someone to bring violence and terror...They're not human.

  14. I can't stand it when the "news" people start speculating and reporting things that aren't even true. This is because of the 24-hour news cycle, they always have to fill the time, even if they have nothing to report.

  15. I hope they do too, JoJo.

    I'm glad you were able to be with friends and find some quiet time.

  16. Sick bastards. Hope they rot.