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April 6, 2013

Funny Wedding Stuff

Let me first start by saying that we have not set, nor are we even close to setting, a date for our wedding.  I cannot emphasize that enough.  This particular post is just for fun.  It'll be awhile before we get married.  I haven't seriously given anything a thought at all - elope vs. wedding, date, clothes, etc.  The first time I got married, I eloped, and never regretted it.  I could actually remember my wedding day b/c it was so low key with just us and our 3 best friends.  There was no stress, no whirlwind of activity and frenetic reception with toasts, dancing and cutting the cake or people tapping their forks on their glasses to get us to kiss.  By the time I got married to Brian, I was a veteran of the Large Italian Wedding  & Reception thing and knew that I never, ever wanted to have that kind of ceremony.  The thought paralyzed me with fear then, and does now.   

Ideally, I see us eloping and then coming back and having a big party or something, probably rent out the Legion Hall and invite everyone to get together with us there.  On the other hand, I realize that it would be a snub to our families and friends not to do anything at many of them played a role in our getting together, keeping secret so that I could extricate myself from my marriage without the ex finding out just how involved I was with Russell, plus it would be cool if they could be there on our special day.  

That said, I am greatly enjoying my friends' various and sundry funny ideas and suggestions for my wedding.  The ideas have all been very colourful and sparkly, including tie dyed bridesmaid dresses, which of course I gleefully showed Russell who got a look on his face like, "What have I gotten myself into?"  When the following photo turned up on my timeline from Deb with 'You need this for your yard', I commented back, "Are you trying to get him to break up with me?".

She also posted this as a dessert suggestion.  Lurving the gumball machines.  

There have actually been some really cool ideas too.  Mina thought the picture of our initials and heart done in pebbles would make a good 'save the date' card.  That's pretty brilliant!!!  I probably have a dozen friends who have offered to marry us.  My friend Sue up in Eastham said that her husband can marry us aboard their sailboat.  How cool would that be?  And could it be possible to actually have all of them take a turn in our ceremony?  So much for keeping things 'toned down'.  

I'm not a dress-wearer.  I don't even own one.  Well I do own one, but it's purple and black velvet with dragons embroidered all over it in red and gold thread.  I've never worn it, but I had to have it even though I know it doesn't fit anymore.  Not sure I'd wear it to get married in though, but I do like these threads:

This would make a cool cake.

Oooo or this one!

But I really love this one.

Here's a project I would love to make, but even that would be funny!  The first map is 'We Met', the second is 'We Married' and the third 'We Live.'  Then I realized that, unless we elope, it's going to be the same map for all three hearts!!  We met in Sandwich.  We will probably marry in Sandwich.  We may or may not live there after our wedding, but we'll be close by.  Russell suggested we elope to Vegas, at least that way the middle heart can be different.

Isn't this a riot?  Couldn't you just see Sagan with one of these on?

Whatever we end up doing will be awesome and special, whenever that may be.


  1. Are you a secret hippy? Honestly?

    Love some of those cake designs - and the colours are fantastic. But faced with a cake like that I wouldn't want to spoil it by cutting it up into slices.

  2. A secret hippy? There's nothing secret about it!!! Nearly all my tshirts are tie dye. Although truly I identify myself more as a Deadhead than a hippie. lol

  3. JoJo, I think the second time around you can do whatever you like and it would be good to make it fun too.I love the cakes,better than those boring white ones and why wear a traditional dress if it's just not you? You could have a hippy wedding and all the guests could dress in hippy gear.Love the idea of the maps in the hearts I'd like to make this for my hubby.
    Anne/Is Anyone There

  4. Cool stuff JoJo! When the two of you get married it should be in a way that fits who you are and makes it special for you. Love all the bright colors!

  5. Awesome cakes! Too cool!

  6. I love the map idea! Diana and I would have NJ for the first two and California for the third spot so it would be kinda boring! Great gift idea though!

  7. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Since your towns name is sandwich u should have all kinds of mini sandwiches :-) i really like that last cake.... and the flamingos!!!

    Visiting from the A-Z challenge. ~ErikaJean

  8. I like low-key too, but everyone has their likes and dislikes.

    Simple, but elegant, intimate rather than a big party. (that's my taste) and go somewhere for the honeymoon that you know you will like) Don't worry about impressing the audience, impress yourselves.

  9. Yep, the day should be about the both of you - luckily, the second time around you won't be pressured into the traditional... heck, is there even a "traditional" anymore? I love the tie-dyed theme. Those cakes are awesome and the pup too cute!!!

  10. Boo! Some of the pictures didn't display!

    Have fun dreaming, and do what the pair of you want.

  11. I think tie-dyed bridesmaid apparel would be lovely! I liked that ensemble the hippie-chick in the pic wore, a lot. And that last cake, your fave, is *gorgeous*!

  12. Anonymous5:36 PM

    You could have a tie-die wedding dress. LOL And I love the second cake. Love!

  13. Big weddings can be very stressful for an event that should be the most wonderful memory of your life. I suggest try not to freak about the little things and know in the end being together forever is the most important thing. I hope your special day is amazing!


  14. I don't know Jo, it sounds to me like you have thought a lot about it. ;)
    I love the tye dye and that paisley cake is gorgeous.

  15. Those are unusual but cute wedding thingies! I love quirky wedding stuff. I particularly enjoyed the JK wedding entrance, for example.

    In case you have never heard about that, here is the link on youtube:

  16. Love the photos! What fun!!

  17. I love ALL of those wedding cakes! I wish more people had fun weddings instead of always so traditional.

  18. Aww Jojo I somehow missed you planning to get married! Or did I forget? Anyways, this is a funny post :) I love those flamingoes! :D I definitely think Sagan needs to be dressed up for the occassion ;) Maybe something like this...

  19. I am not getting married, but if I were, I would just do a cheap gleapo city hall wedding, and save the money for an amazing honeymoon in Tahiti. Then anyone who wants to wish you wel could fly down and see you there :). That is just my take on it, but I am cheapo gleapo. Glad I found your post via the A to Z Challenge. (

  20. Russell had the big church wedding the first time round and I eloped my first time round. I truly want something low key and then maybe the reception w/ friends/family later on. That's what both his sisters did, although they haven't had their receptions yet! lol

  21. Whatever you both decide to do will be perfect. Don't worry about others. Do what will be special for you.


  22. Well I'm sure that whenever and however you decide to tie-the-knot, the wedding will be one you'll remember forever.

    Yep you've gotten a lot of cool and clever ideas and suggestions. :D

  23. You're right, a fun post! I love color, tie dye, and the Dead as well. What wedding could go wrong with all of the above?

  24. I love it.

    That cake is just too cool.

    I picture the bridesmaids in tie-dye. Wouldn't that be fun?!

    (I get it, I only follow traditions if they mean something to me personally.)

    LOVE the flamingos!

    After all, it is supposed to be a joyous occasion, not a stressful one.