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March 13, 2013

Recharging at The Beach

One sunny morning at the end of February I decided that the cleaning and laundry could wait, because I was in need of a beach fix, so I headed off to Scusset.  It was really chilly and windy but once I got walking, I warmed up pretty fast.

I love it when the surf pounds.

There was a lot of crap washed up on the beach from all of the February storms.  Mostly shotgun shells and tampon applicators.  And also a whole bunch of stairs.  I wonder if some of them came from Town Neck.

Also lots of lobstah traps.

It's illegal to take traps and buoys off the beaches, even though they make such nice yard decor.

A few beach logs as well.

Scusset's not a good glass beach and this was the most I've ever found there.  That pink thing is a plastic ball and I've no idea what it is.  Some of those rocks were used to make the painted Pocket Palz, previously featured.


  1. I had two good beach fixes over the weekend and am so grateful because it's been crappy here ever since. Now it's to cold to get back over there. You got a lot of good finds!

  2. I always pick up rocks whenever I go to a new city... love those striped ones!

    And the wood and shells would be great for projects. What a nice resource of natural materials you have - lucky you!

  3. It's illegal to pick up washed up lobster traps?? That's crazy, I say finders keepers!! :D

  4. Illegal to take traps off the beach? It sould be illegal to leave them on it!

  5. Val, the traps were torn loose and washed up on the beaches in the storms. Those traps belong to fishermen. Up close you can see all the colour coded bands and their registration numbers. All buoy colours have to be registered with the state. The state can recover them but it's just really wrong to do that to a hard working lobsterman and cost him all that money having to replace the traps, registration fees and buoys.

  6. Gorgeous photos JoJo! The water in these looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing these. Your photos are always fabulous. Ever find out what the pink thing is?

  7. Beautiful pics, you are lucky to be so close to the beach!


  8. nice findings from the beach, really like what you picked up :)
    what do they do with traps then? as I see they really don't add to the beach's beauty.
    have a creative week!

  9. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Made me feel as refreshed as if I'd been walking there with you (I wish!)

  10. I love your visits to the beach. I feel like I am right there with you. Amazing all the stuff that washes up.


  11. Dig the pic of the foamy seashell. And the lobstah traps, too. :-)