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March 9, 2013


Some friends of mine in Portland, OR turned me onto, a Harry Potter fan site created by J.K. Rowling.  When you create your account, you are asked to pick a screen name from four they provide to you.  The only one I liked of the four options I had was WitchWolf15375.  From that point you are taken through the first book, chapter by chapter (just synopses), in which you look for items to put in your trunk, like books, galleons, chocolate frog cards, Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans, feathers, etc.  

When you get to the Diagon Alley chapter of  Sorcerer's Stone, 550 Galleons are deposited into your account at Gringotts and you get to buy your school supplies.  The wand I received from Ollivander's is 9-3/4" long, made of pine with unicorn hair as the core.  

Once you get to Hogwarts, you are asked a series of questions so that the Sorting Hat can place you into the right House.  I always kind of fancied myself a Gryffindor until the character Luna Lovegood was introduced.  I felt a kinship with her from the start because she's definitely not afraid to be herself and took a lot of teasing for it.  So when I got sorted into Ravenclaw, it just seemed right and really wasn't that surprising, especially after I read THIS information about Rowena Ravenclaw and the students chosen for her house. 

So far the site only has the interactive chapters up as far as Chapter 7 in Prisoner of Azkaban. There are games that have to be played in order to advance to the next chapter in addition to hunting for stuff. In my typical 'instant gratification' fashion, in one afternoon I blew through the first 2 books & 7 chapters of the 3rd one looking for stuff for my trunk.  Now I'm sitting here somewhat impatiently waiting for more chapters to be added.  In the meantime I can practice making potions and spells.

This site is A LOT of fun if you are a fan of Harry Potter.  Let me know if you join and send me your screen name so that I can friend you!!  


  1. Okay, you've got me interested.... Am going over to see. I LOVE HP too! Will let you know if I join!

  2. Cool!!!! It's such a fun site! I wish I hadn't blown through all the chapters already though, but I got excited.

  3. My kids and I are all signed up for this site and love it too. We are all big Harry Potter fans so it is right down our alley.


  4. I'm probably the only person in the universe who has never read/seen anything 'Potter' and has no desire to; at all - ever. Nope, I can't explain it, it's just a personal not liking Tom Cruise ;0)

  5. Not a Potter fan. Give me Pratchett any day, he's a much better writer than Rowling.

  6. Sounds interesting! I stay away from "games"on the Internet., though. I'm afraid I'd NEVER get off!

  7. Gryffindor! Woot!

    Okay JoJo, you are to blame if I get nothing done this weekend ;)

    I am going slowly tho - just got sorted. I am "WalnutKnight612" with a Hornbeam and Unicorn wand and a black cat just like my Dakotah.

    This is so much fun; thank you for introducing me to it!

  8. I read all the HP books to my kid except for the 7th one, as he'd hit his teen years and was no longer interested. Ah, well...

  9. Oh my daughter is a HP FAN <-- with capital letters! And SHes been telling me about it! ;) Congrats on making Ravenclaw!


  10. I've read the books and seen the movies but never been curious about the site before. heading there now ;)

  11. Hi, Jojo!
    I'm a fan of HP and registered with Pottermore since the very first days of its launch! I'll add you for sure and will go to check if I need to accomplish few chapters.
    I love this book and movies too! Can reread the books again and again! and watch movies few times in a year :)
    I find it a little difficult to brew potions there, as my cauldron explodes almost always :)hehe
    Have a magical day!