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January 24, 2013

Pin Win: Chopstick Wands

The Pinstrosity Blog  is hosting a challenge, to celebrate their first anniversary.  From January 19 through February 19, we're encouraged to make and post Pinterest projects, whether they are Wins or Fails.  There are some prizes available for winners, and you can enter as many as you want.   

Here's a Pinterest project for wands using chopsticks and hot glue.  The instructions mentioned using beads stuck in the glue, and then when the glue was cool and dry, paint over all of it for texture.  I just couldn't bring myself to paint over the beads.  This is what the wands looked like prior to painting.  I also decided to put some fluorite crystal points on the tops.  You basically just dribble hot glue all over the top of the chopstick and when it cools down a little bit, you can shape it a little bit with your hands.

Here are the wands after the paint was dry.  I admit, I'm pretty impressed with how fast and easy they were to make, even using my nemesis:  hot glue.  

I'll have to get more chopsticks because I have so many ideas!


  1. Great wands, JoJo. Hot glue can be mastered, as you've just shown. Good luck with the contests!

    Hubs was inspired after watching all the H. Potter movies to make wands - he's made three or four wands in natural wood by carving branches we find on our walks and shaping them.

  2. Those wands are awesome!!! My kids would love them as we all are huge Harry Potter fans.


  3. Harry Potter himself would be proud to own one of those wands, I'm sure!

  4. As I am completely incapable of using chopsticks, this would be a good project for me...if I could use hot glue without burning myself and glueing everything together!

  5. Thanks all!
    D. G. - I wish I could carve but that skill eludes me. I'd love to see pics of the ones your husband makes.

    Kathy - Thanks! I am dying to make more and my intent are to do wands in the Hogwarts House colours. Stay tuned

    Judy - I'm planning on opening shops in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. ;p (I wish!)

    Val - I can't use them either.

  6. These wands are beautiful. I can't use hot glue at all - I drip it all over the place and it gets all stringy and goopy. Then again, I use it maybe once a year LOL

    Good luck with the challenge!

  7. Hehe wands are really cool...I would love to have one !!
    Much better than the ones harry potter people used :D

  8. hi, Jojo! What a wonderful idea! every kid or those who adore all magical (HP particularly) will be more than happy to get such wand as a gift!beautiful work!

  9. Anonymous2:14 PM


  10. Olivander's had better watch out for competition like you JoJo! ;)

    My dad carved daughter's wand for her 11th Harry Potter-themed birthday party. She still has it!

    Glad you defeated the Hot Glue Monster. It can be a wicked thing...

  11. Those are cute! I'd want to stick one in my hair!

  12. Oh my goodness, those are beautiful!