Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

December 4, 2012

Epic Craft Show Fail & A Gorgeous Day

The craft show in Hyannis was a total bust.  I dragged myself out of bed at 6:00 a.m., wondering how in the world I used to do it on a daily basis for the last 20+ years.  It was a cold, wet, raw day too.  I got up to Hyannis by 7:00, found my table and set up.  There were a lot of vendors with beautiful items.  The beaded ornaments on the table in front of me were exquisite.  Sat around till the doors officially opened at 9.  Marsha came along with me and I was very grateful for her company.  The morning draaaaaged by.  There were no customers.  The only people buying stuff were the other vendors.  I could have dropped a ton of cash there myself.  By 12 Noon it was deadly.  Everyone was pissed off.  There was very little promotion, apparently.  Plus the parking lot filled up w/ cars of the people using the VFW bar downstairs, and it was too miserable to park elsewhere and walk.  At 12:30 I decided I'd had enough.  Russell was only home for a few hours that weekend and so I bailed and went home to spend time with him.  I didn't even make back my table fee of $20.  I made $15.  I think I'm done w/ shows for this season.  Next year I'll stay in the Sandwich area and just do those.  In the meantime I'm working on getting my Etsy site back up and running.

But on the plus side, I entered some raffles and I won this beach glass necklace.

And one of the beaded ornaments.  I kind of stacked that raffle bag with almost all my tickets in an effort to win. 

Monday Dec. 3rd was amazing, weather-wise.  It was 64*.  No jacket needed.  I went into Sandwich and decided to go for a walk on Sandy Neck Beach.  The Neck itself is accessed by 4-wheel drive vehicles only, out through the dunes and onto the beach.  It extends quite a few miles.  I only went to the public parking lot where the main swim area is in summer.  

It's kinda funny that it's called 'sandy' when it's mostly rocks, although I hear the neck part way down is sandier.

I found one teeny tiny piece of white glass but that was it.  Kinda disappointing.  Got some cool rocks and driftwood though.

The sound of the water is so soothing.


  1. It is too bad your show was a bust. The ornament you won is gorgeous. I am always amazed to see your pictures of the beaches with so many rocks.


  2. We have the prettiest stones here. I wish I could find someone who could identify them. They come in all colours. I especially LOVE the quartz-like semi transparent ones in greys, white, reds, orange & yellow.

  3. Looks like our beaches in British Columbia, JoJo.

    Too bad about the craft sales, but a friend of mine has had that happen to her. You get to know which ones are publicized well.
    You knew when to fold 'em, and go home. Chalk it up to experience. Rainy weather does make people think twice (in some areas).

    In the Pacific Northwest, we're all ducks with webbed feet, in the rainforest.

  4. DG, having lived in WA for 12 years, I too got used to just going out in the rain. If you didn't go do stuff in the rain, you just didn't go out. lol

  5. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Unless there's absolutely NO other choice, i.e. animals in the Rockies don't have lay-ins, Graceland will let you up to the Meditation Garden for free before 8am etc, etc, I really don't 'do' early ;0)

    I can't believe you didn't do better at the show!! The things you make are always beautiful and classy.

    As for the weather, Tess says it's more like September than December in Nebraska too.

  6. I get up that early EVERY day so SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP!!!!!!
    heheheheh - I love that expression!
    Sorry your craft show was so epic-ly bad but, hey, you got some nice loot.

    Why are there fences on the beach? Inquring minds wanna know...

  7. Too bad you had a shitty time, I can just imagine! Congrats on the win though, and I love the beach pics! :)


  8. Sorry to hear the event flopped, customer-wise. But I do love that bauble with the fancy bead work netting.

    You know, those beach fences always remind me of the opening scene in 'Jaws' when they find the remains of the first victim *shiver*.

    Chin up, hunny-bunny :)

  9. Funny you mention was shot on Martha's Vineyard and let's just say that I spent that summer in my aunt's pool and not the beach. lol

  10. oh no that's rubbish! Sorry to hear it was lousy.

    But... I too get up BEFORE 6AM EVERY DAY so no sympathy from me there!

  11. Ok, if we're talking about getting up early, how about this: my last recent temp job was as airport security, and on early start I would have to be up at 0130hrs to get in for the 0300hrs shift, and be up at 0230hrs for the 0400hrs shift.

    Going to bed at 2100hrs made me feel like a kid back in primary school, odd, yet comforting at the same time :)

  12. Your walk on the beach looks amazing. I love the sound of the water too. I wish I lived that close to water so I could take a walk on the beach whenever I wanted. Sorry your show was a bust. I had a couple of those this year and know it sucks. Congrats on your giveaway wins, you a lucky lady.
    Everyday Inspired

  13. Great photos (once again)
    I can hardly wait until my "beach time" (1st week of Jan) arrives!