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December 1, 2012


Anne at Is Anyone There? surprised me with the Addictive Blog Award the other day!! As always, I am very appreciative and humbled that I not only have regular readers/commenters, but they like my blog enough to give me these awards.  

The meme for this award is that I share why I began blogging:  Vincent D'Onofrio.  That's why.  I was a fan of his work and thought he was adorable, so I started looking online for info about and pictures of him.  

During my surfing, I stumbled on what will always be known to the original 'Vincent Vixens' as 'The Molly Blog'.  It was like a chatroom/message board and that's where I met Val, Eliza, Ann, Madi, Diane, Tess and other ladies who were also fans of Vincent.  The board would bog down frequently because we chatted so much.  It was during this time period that everyone decided to start their own fan blogs in Vincent's honour.  I started my blog in June of 2006 and just posted pictures.  But my fellow Vixens were doing cool slide shows and photo effects, rendering my static shots quite boring.  lol  :-)  It was at that time that I decided to leave the fan stuff to the pros and started posting pictures of stuff I liked, and eventually photos I shot.  Every now and then I'd rant about things that were bugging kind of morphed into a diary from time to time too.  This was before Facebook, and I didn't have time to keep up w/ emailing people, so I sent out an email blast with my blog address and said that was the best way to find out how I was and what I was up to.  I still have a few friends and relatives who aren't on FB but read my blog.  

I chose the name 'JoJo' as my signature name, in part because it's actually one of my nicknames (although most people call me Jo), but it was also the name of Lili Taylor's character in "Mystic Pizza", who was the girlfriend/fiancee' to Vincent's 'Bill'.  It was after viewing "Mystic Pizza" one afternoon that I realized the wicked cute fisherman was 'that weird Detective Goren' from "Law & Order: Criminal Intent".

My avatar photo of Vincent, angelically gazing heavenward, has remained the same from the day I opened my blog.  I thought about changing it, but I keep it for sentimental reasons and to remind me of how this all started.  I still love Vincent as a performer and person, although my crush has waned, especially since I only have eyes for my sweet Bear.  But I just feel like to get rid of the avatar would be forgetting how this all got started.  I was taught that you should never forget where you came from.

Now to name 5 bloggers for this award, which was pretty hard to narrow down to be honest:

Wendy at The Crafter's Apprentice.  Wendy is a very prolific and talented crafter from the UK.

Lucy at The Trans-Gentle Wife.  I've only recently stumbled on this blog but I'm glad I did.  She's quite a lady.

Elsie at Mock Turtle's Musings.  Another amazing woman whose blog you need to check out.

Cathy at Life On The Muskoka River.  By far one of the funniest writers ever, and a Canadian to boot.

Kathy at The Giggling Trucker's Wife.  Love the stories of her life, past and present!

(Hmm....Cathy with a C and Kathy with a K.  Reminds me of a classic "Kids in the Hall" skit.)


  1. Oh JoJo, what a treat to hear the whole background behind your blog (I know better now but when I first caught wind of you I thought you were a guy, based on the avatar!!!). Am so happy to have found your blog and, yes, it IS addictive. You've become one of my closest internet buddies and I thank you for passing on the award my way. Hugs and thanks and keep up the very good work!

  2. Congratulations, JoJo, you deserve all the awards you get.

    I remember those early days, and finding out from experts about films like Hotel Paradise and Guy...

  3. I loved hearing about how your blog came to be! Thank you for honoring me with an award. I am thrilled!!


  4. Hey, congrats, JoJo!

    I remember Mystic Pizza and being annoyed with how poorly the three chicks portrayed Portuguese Americans (though I thought Annabeth Gish did ok). That was also the first time I ever heard the term, "Portagee." Though I DID think D'Onofrio was adorable as the jilted groom. ;-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  5. We watched "The Player" again after many years--I could not remember which one was Vincent. He is so young and cute! And nice to get a look at his first wife--haha! Love him!