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October 16, 2012

King Richard's Faire, Part 2

These handpainted velvet capes were just to die for, but neither having the money for, nor a place to wear one, all I could do was admire from afar.

What is that?  A tribble?  I was too afraid to touch it and find out!

We sat down here for a minute, not realizing a show was about to start!

Looking back at the capes.

Daniel, Duke of Danger, was highly entertaining!!  He was very funny and very acrobatic.

Balancing on top of a ladder, while spinning 6 rings with his arms and holding a spinning plate in his mouth.

WOW!  Yes, there was liquid in the mug on his head.

Every hour or so, they have a parade of the King & Queen, and vendors, through the grounds.

That tall purple headed thing was in the Bourne July 4th parade.

It's hard to tell, but there's a wee horn on the front of the pony's head.  Sweet little 'unicorn'.

That dress is so me.

My new pal.


I. Want. This. Window.  NOW!


  1. Again, wow! JoJo, what a gorgeous, fun place. Thanks for the tour.

    You should have touched the wibble, though... jest sayin...

  2. Thanks! I was unsure what exactly that ball of fur was. I didn't even wanna prod it with my foot! lol

  3. Best Faire ever!!! I was in love with the wizard. I have a collection of wizards, they are my "thing". What perfect weather you guys had too. How lucky was that?

  4. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Where there's one tribble, there must be 47,000 others.......

  5. Excellent photos, JoJo. This faire seems well organized. I like the capes too, and the dragon pane.

  6. The faire indeed looks like it was a marvelous affair and what a perfect setting for it. Think it must have transported all of the fair goers into the past.

    All the crafts look amazing. It would have be way too easy to over spend there. :D

  7. Did you buy that snake bracelet? It's gorgeous!

  8. Yes Val...he's a little dragon actually. :D

  9. What fun! We need to go to a party where we can dress up - we just might pick the same outfit! :)

  10. This place is like heaven to me .There is just so much to see there.I love fairies and wizards.