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October 18, 2012

East Sandwich

The day that I shot the reflections in Little Hoxie Pond, I knew I would have to come back and shoot a couple of trees that have had names and initialed carved in them since the 1950s.  I carved mine in it sometime in the late 70s but not deep enough.  Most of  them are now unreadable but some are still visible.  I will have to return with my zoom lens because these trees are quite tall and, therefore, names, dates and initials are way up high on the trunk and branches.  The 'BW 1970', is, I assume, Brad White who lived across the street from these trees.  He graduated in 1978 so he was probably 10 at the time he did this.

This one says 'The Brier Kids 1958'.  I wonder who they were?  Is 'Brier' a family name or the name of the kids' club?

The sumac was getting gorgeous.

Hoxie Pond

There was a time in the 70s when I used to walk these tracks from across the street from my house to just about this point where they join up with Old County Road, in order to walk to Colonial Market on Rte. 6A to get candy.  It was just shorter than having to walk all the way down the road which is narrow, hilly and curvy.  

I'd dreamt about Spring Hill Beach the night before and knew I had to make a quick stop.  It's a private beach and my parents used to own a cottage here in the 60s and 70s.  I grew up here and it's one of my fave places in the world.  I rolled the dice that no one would give me a hard time for being here.

Those are the jetties that I grew up playing on as my dad's cottage was just above them.  The person that bought it in 1977 tore down the original cottage and built a huge ugly house in it's place.  I still think of this as my beach, and those are my jetties.  When I lived out west, I had recurring dreams about beach combing here and finding tons of beautiful vases, perfume bottles, and other fine glass pieces.

Someone must've done this over the weekend.  I just loved it!!!  What a clever idea!  See those white stones in the middle?  At night if you bang them together, they will emit little sparks.  Fairly sure they are quartz.

Behind the beach on the other side of the road are salt marshes.  It was low tide.

I think Vlad Dracul has moved to Cape Cod.  As you can see, these are lobstah shells hung all over this tree.  I guess that'd make him 'Vlad the Impalah'.  

It's a little....weird.

Anywho, continuing on my drive down Rte 6A, I took a quick drive up past the Green Briar Nature Center and took some pics at the little pond known locally as Smiling Pool.  Author Thornton W. Burgess set his children's stories at this pond which he named Smiling Pool.  I cannot find an official name for this pond at all.

This is off Rte 6A on another part of Spring Hill Road.

Finally, this is the view of the Bay from the top of the hill on Chipman Road  I had to crop the heck out of this picture to eliminate the road, houses and front yards.  If only I could have eliminated those wires.  Can't get a good shot on this road without wires being in it.  Believe me, I tried.
Pretty no?


  1. gorgeous pictures! but i must say the lobster shells kind of freaked me out.

  2. Stunning set of pictures! I remember banging rocks like that together to make them spark. I am amazed the carving in the trees are still there - how cool!!

  3. Poor lobsters.

    You've inspired me to post an autumn colour picture on my blog. It was in the readers' pctures section of some newspapers today.

  4. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I'd like to move there - now!

  5. Nice collection JoJo. What a lovely place to grow up and live. Beautiful beach, I love rocks.
    Everyday Inspired

  6. Gorgeous photos!!


  7. Lovely photos again. Not sure about hanging lobster shells on a tree,who'd think of doing it? crazy.