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September 2, 2012

Teeny Crafts

It's amazing the vast quantity of craft supplies I have unearthed out of my boxes over the last few months.  Stuff I picked up here and there to use in the off chance that I ever actually had the time to make crafts nonstop.  

I've had these little bottles for a long time but was never sure what to do with them.  I had thought about beading them but never got around to it because I'm not patient enough for peyote stitch and seed beads.  I gave that up, for the most part, many years ago as it's time consuming.  So instead I used the glass painting kit I got a few months ago on massive markdown to make 'stained glass' designs.  The paint isn't that easy to work with and it's hard to get good and even colour without showing the brush strokes.  The first 5 have the gold paint-resist outlining for the sections.  The one on the far right is made with dots of paint all over it.  There is one more that I didn't photograph because it's not coming out quite the way I'd envisioned and I want to figure out a way to salvage it before posting it.

I also found these 4 tiny metal frames that I'd spent $1 for at Ben Franklin back in WA.  I added some crystals to them.

When I finished up some of the 'end of day' beads, I had 2 plastic boxes leftover so out came the paint pens so I could draw designs on them.

Please ignore my claws.


  1. You really do need to find a craft fair where your creations will be snapped up by grateful collectors.

  2. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I think I'd better commission you to make this year's Christmas gifts!

  3. Very cool!


  4. Just pull a Van Gogh and show the dang brush strokes, JoJo! As always, gorgeous work (love what you did with them picture frames!).
    Some Dark Romantic

  5. I love the little bottles, I think the stained glass look looks pretty cool. It is always fun to find old supplies and come up with new ideas.
    Everyday Inspired