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September 4, 2012

De Todo Un Poco

Determined to make stuff with all the supplies I keep finding in my boxes, I ended up have a 'little bit of everything' day of crafting.  

Decorated a bottle with glass blobbies and some fibre.

This was a small brown bottle that had a black plastic lid.  It wasn't going to be any good for glass painting so I covered it with fibre and put paper and crystals on the lid, then added a turtle charm.

While waiting for glue to dry, I found the kirigami paper and instructions and gave it another shot.

After about a half dozen tries over the past week, I finally made a bead and jumpring bracelet I saw on Pinterest.

The craft that took the longest was a Sharpie tie dye technique I was dying to try.  I found this plain canvas bag with my stuff and I also unearthed all the coloured Sharpies I bought back in WA.

I have way more colours than this...but I was gonna start with these and see how it went.

The direction I followed online said to make a design in about the size of a quarter.  I used a whole bunch of colours.

Next you drip rubbing alcohol on the ink and wait for it to spread.  I didn't have a dropper so I used a straw and it was hard to control the alcohol.  Then one whole side totally refused to spread, not even when I tried to add more ink and alcohol.

Had the best luck with these colours.

The reason I started with this canvas bag instead of a tshirt, is that it was actually a Sharpie brand bag that probably was a free gift in the box with all the coloured markers.  

The finished bag, which I tumbled dry in the dryer to set the ink.  


  1. I love the bottle. Love seeing Boo,and Bean when I come to visit TBW.The shrpie dots sure did put a smile on my face,and what a neat idea. The bag looked pro :)

  2. That sharpie bag's a great idea.

  3. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I love the fiber covered bottle (I'm a sucker for purple).

  4. Wow, you've been busy Jo-Jo! Love your beadwork and I never would have thought that you could tye dye with Sharpies! Cool!

  5. More super cute ideas, the bracelets are so fun. The canvas bag is cool. I love that idea with the sharpie's!
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