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August 6, 2012


I've mentioned before that Sundays are the loneliest day of the week for me.  It's the first day without my squeeze, after he's been home for a couple of days and I miss him a lot.  It's a transition day, and I usually end up doing laundry, taking a walk or crafts, just to keep myself occupied.  I can't go onto the Cape because the traffic coming home would be a horror show, so overall it's a very, very lonely day.  

All time spent together is amazing, but recently (the one before our engagement), he and I had an extra awesome weekend.  We had our very first movie date complete with popcorn, Twizzlers, holding hands and my blubbering on his shoulder near the end of the movie.  We saw an early afternoon matinee of "Ted".  I highly recommend's very funny, profane, irreverent and inappropriate, yet sweet.  Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis were brilliant, and Ted...OMG I just loved him!!!  Plus it was shot in Boston, always a plus and they kinda all went a little overboard with the famous Bostonian accent.  After the movie, we got Italian sandwiches to bring home.  The next day we lazed around, he did work on the truck and then we got Chinese takeout for a late lunch.  Just a perfect weekend all the way around.

He left on Saturday night, during a pouring rainstorm, which I'd hoped would cool us down, or at least push the humidity out, but didn't.  The next morning I woke up pretty late, and was already feeling blue and lonely.    It was cloudy but extremely warm and humid.  I forced myself to go out and get some gas in my car before the construction downtown started up again on Monday.  It had also been a long time since I indulged in any shopping, so I drove to my fave souvenir shop, Sand & Surf (check out the link) to use my 10% off coupon before it expired, then stopped at a couple antique/junk shops in town.  I got some great deals!

I got this adorable bear, for free, at one of the shops.  His ribbon says 'Spokane', and I had to have him.  The shop was giving away the whole box of stuffed animals for free, and believe me I was very tempted to rescue all the stuffies, but since I have no room for the ones I already have, I only chose this guy, since he's so far from home.  I got the Mt. Baker patch at the same shop, and the Washington shot glass at Sand & Surf.  Go figure:  Washington souvenirs all the way out here!!!

This is a sack of crafting 'beach glass', which is man made, not ocean made, also purchased from Sand & Surf.  Since I won't part with my personal collection for art projects, this is an awesome alternative.

There was a large bowl of glass blobbies and more craft-quality beach glass that I spied.  I figured they were asking at least $15 or $20 but there was no price tag.  Then I thought, maybe it was just on the shelf for decoration, so I walked away but I couldn't take my eyes off it.  I kept glancing back at it, as if I expected someone else to spy and snag it. Finally I decided to at least ask.  Can't hurt to ask, right?  The old guy behind the counter had no idea how much it cost, and had to seek out the other guy.  They consulted in the back of the store, and finally the old guy said, "He wants five dollars for it".  Uh...YUH!  That bad boy was definitely coming home with me!!! 

I also went to the junk shop where I'd seen the concrete yard decoration of the little girl with the strands of beads around her neck.  Unfortunately, she was gone, and I was crestfallen.  Till I went inside and saw this super unique cobalt blue bottle.  And a steal at only $7!!

Finally, here's a large maple leaf pin and one cool enameled earring that I bought on Saturday, also in downtown BBay.  I plan to use them in altered art pieces.  

Total spent for all of the above:  $23.20.


  1. Wow!That day was for you,everything is just falling right into place for you <3 :).....Love the bottle,and omg lmao!!save the stuffies JoJo :D!!!!!!!I love it,I'm am so happy for you :)

  2. My kid saw Ted and loved it. I'm tempted, just for the Boston accent. :-)

    Love that cobalt blue bottle!
    Some Dark Romantic

  3. What an eye for a bargain. Can't wait to see what you make with them.

  4. Belated congrats on your engagement!
    Yep, I too was pleasantly amused by "Ted" - my son was clamoring for it, I was expecting an ordeal, but it was laugh-out-loud funny for me in several spots!
    (The cameo by Ryan Gosling - PRICELESS!)

  5. Jeez I'm an idiot - I meant RYAN REYNOLDS!!!)

  6. I see you had a very productive Sunday ;0)

  7. You found some great stuff at great prices.



  8. I didn't think I would like Ted, but after reading your comments about it, I just may go see it.

    Love the cobalt blue bottle and Maple Leaf pin!

  9. Some great colourful buts there, the beach glass is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do with those. I really want to see Ted but first promised hubby I'd see Batman with him.