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June 11, 2012

Summer-Themed Meme

Feel free to play along....

1.  What is your favourite part of summer?  When it's over.  Summer is a season to be endured, not embraced.

2.  What is your favourite quintessentially summer food?  Least favourite?   Fruit fruit n more fruit.  I'm not a fan of seafood of any kind (except fish-n-chips), which seems to be consumed more in the summer than other seasons.

3.  Best beverage to beat the summer heat?   Crystal Lite Lemond Iced Tea, or Lipton Ice Tea Mix.  Or watermelon.  And lemonade.

4.  Least favourite/most annoying thing related to summer?  Heat, humidity, sticky weather, shiny face all the time due to humidity, crickets, humidity, mosquitos, greenheads, heat, bugs in general.  Did I mention heat and humidity?

5.  Pick one: the lake or the beach.  Why?  Beach.  Because I was born by the sea, and I must live by the sea.  Besides, it's cooler on the coast.

6.  Most amusing summer vacation trip you've ever taken?  Had a lot of laughs on Summer Tour 1989 - 5 Dead shows in 8 days, but probably the best and happiest trip was driving east, last June with Russell.  It was pure magic with lots of laughs and love.

7.  Most ridiculous/cringe-inducing/blush-provoking summer outfit you have seen (Bonus Points if you were wearing it)?  Not a clue.  I rarely ever notice what other people are wearing, even at Walmart. (the following photo is a web image).

8.  Your absolute dream summer afternoon would be?  Traveling somewhere/sightseeing.  Or spending a peaceful day with my sweetie at a cottage, preferably on Spring Hill Beach in E. Sandwich.


  1. wait, what? hate summer?

    ok extreme heat not my friend, but lazy days when I don't have to work, bring them on

  2. So you get the endlessly shiny face in summer too? It's the pits! The humidity combined with blasting heat isn't my favorite either...drains my energy.

    You are very fortunate to live by the sea. That's one of the things I miss most about living in Florida. Then again...the heat and humidity there were extreme! Don't miss that.

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    The UK seems to have bypassed summer this year and gone straight back to January. Could I just mention I wouldn't wear that outfit (although it's barely an outfit) in the privacy of my garden, let alone be walking the streets in it! One of my mother's favourite sayings these days is; 'Don't people look at themselves in the mirror??!' to which I mostly reply 'I'm sure they do; and they think they look fantastic!'

  4. baygirl32 - Maybe if I had the short summers like you guys have it wouldn't be so bad! lol

    Tracy - Yes, my drivers license photo from last summer shows the flash reflection in my cheeks and forehead! lol At least I'm smiling in it.

    Diane - Yes, you're right, she probably thought she looked hot. lol

  5. Seems like you are in desperate need of a Scandinavian summer. Here we are literally chilling out :D

  6. In Texas, it seems like summer this year began in March...and it probably won't end until late November. ha! I can relate to things you mentioned, but I would add high utility bill in order to air condition the house to a livable temp. of cool, and that even when I wear sunscreen, five minutes out in the sunshine and I am red as a lobster. :)

    Living by the sea would be nice any time of year I am guessing. What is it like in the winter?

  7. you took the Wal-Mart pic - honestly there are things certain people shouldn't wear, although anything goes in Wal-Mart

  8. You are the first person I've met who hates the summer! Come to England, it's been raining the last 2 weeks!

    There are awards waiting for you on my blog :)

  9. I feel kinda disturbed by the woman at Walmat outfit! Arrgghhh how could she! We've not had much of a Summer in the UK, about 3 weeks worth probably and this month is going to be rainy. Please send some our way :)

  10. That fruit looks fabulous!! YUM! The Walmart lady, scary. LOL As far as the heat goes, I am not a big fan. I don't do well in the heat but I try to get out in it and make the best of it for my kids.