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May 16, 2012

Shaving Cream Cards

Being the Craft Ho "I'll try anything once" person that I am, I found another project to try: Making swirly painted cards with the use of shaving cream!  This is a pretty messy project, I must say, and I'm glad I thought to cover the stove top with a towel.  Also, I thought I could get away with doing this without a squeegee.  I found out that it's an integral part of making the cards come out nice.  I didn't have one when I made these and used a piece of cardstock instead.  Yeah, not so much.  

Needed:  Shaving cream (the foam kind, not the one that comes out as gel first), acrylic paints, squeegee, pan for the cream/paint and pan for the squeegee'ing, heavy cardstock paper, something to swirl the paint into the cream (chopstick, knife, spoon, etc).  I used the back end of a large paintbrush.  Lots of papertowels.

Spray the shaving cream into the bottom of one pan, and dribble with paint.  Next time I will use more paint than seen here.  My green and purple paints were kind of globby and hard to pour.

Run the chopstick/spoon/knife/whatever through the paint in the cream to create a swirly, marbelized effect.

Pretty swirly shaving cream on the end of the brush.

Press the card into the paint/cream for a few seconds.  Make sure the corners are tapped down into it as I noticed my first couple of attempts were weak in the corner areas.

Pull the card straight up and out of the cream and set face up into the second pan.  Let sit for about a minute, then squeegee the shaving cream completely off the card. The marbelized paint design will remain on the card.

Here are the 6 cards, standing up and drying.

This is kind of pretty too, like an impressionist painting.  I ran out of shaving cream but next time I will  refresh the paint/cream so that the later cards don't look so messy.

The finished product.  Please note that it's pretty hard to keep additional cream/paint from the back and inside edges of the card.  Next time I may just paint one sheet and then fold it into the card, rather than use pre-folded cards.  


  1. That looks like an engagingly messy way to use shaving foam. It is any better than traditional marbelising - which I've always wanted to try and never got around to.

  2. pretty!

    I'm not sure I get the shaving cream thing though... does it actually harden? I never really thought about what happens to shaving cream if it sits about. Curious.

  3. Love these. Def. going to make these with the girls next year. Thanks for the tips. Going to file this under craft ideas.

  4. Amanda, I've never tried marbeling any other way before. I have a book on how to do it and it seemed very labour intensive.

    Hey there PF!! The shaving cream is squeegee'd off the card, leaving just the paint behind.

    Bev, it's a lot of fun, very very easy and not at all time consuming.

  5. Anonymous12:48 PM

    You are ENDLESSLY inventive!

  6. Unbelievable!

    I guess Russell will have to grow a beard now you've used all his shaving foam...

  7. I love making shaving cream cards. I used to do it a lot when I taught art classes. Your cards turned out pretty cool!
    Everyday Inspired

  8. How Cool Is That! I've never heard of this method.

  9. This looks really messy but really makes a cool end product!! They are really pretty!


  10. How cool are these?! If I can combine messy and neat looking it's a double bonus for me. Just might have to try these sometime. :)

  11. Great card craft idea!

  12. OMG, that's so much fun! And what lovely patterns you created! I never, ever would've thought of doing that; very, very cool, JoJo.

    Some Dark Romantic

  13. Can't you keep the stuff on the card? It so nice and 3d

  14. I'm loving those shaving cream cards, they look so cool! I bet they smell of man hehehe