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May 24, 2012

More Springy Flowers

This gorgeous pink bush is on the line between us and the house next door.  It's breathtaking.  Pictures do not do the flowers justice at all.

I snipped a couple and used them with the Lily of the Valley, which I also cut from the yard, for my mom for Mother's Day.  They looked so pretty together.

This is that red one in the back yard.  It appears to be an azalea from what everyone's told me.  The red doesn't seem to photograph well but it's a stunning shade of deep red.

And the butterflies were loving the lilac bushes.

My only complaint about lilacs is that they don't last near as long as they should, and they only bloom once.

No idea what these pretty purple flowers are either.

Speaking of Mother's Day, this is a close up of the carnation that was given to at the drive thru at Honey Dew, in BBay, that Sunday. 

Here's another amazing flowering bush in front of the house, blooming in a gorgeous shade of pinky purple.  

Tons of Lily of the Valley in the front and back yards too!  They smell awesome too!

No idea what this is, but the flowers are pretty.

Honeysuckle?  Not sure but it smells soooo good!

No idea what these are either but I love the colours!!!

Beautiful tree next to the deck! 

Work! Work! Busy Bee!!

Another pink flower starting to bloom.  Azalea?



  1. Wow JoJo! You have so many pretty blooms near your house. Some of them I recognize from around here too. Yes, that is a Honeysuckle...aren't they divine? Our vine accidentally got chopped a few years ago and thankfully it is making a comeback and is blooming again this year. Lily of the Valley...I adore them. For such tiny little things, they smell so lovely! Once again, awesome photos. Thanks for sharing them and giving me a smile this afternoon.

  2. Pretty flowers! I so need a good camera. LOL

    A Ladybug's Life


  3. I think most of the pink ones are azaleas. They and rhododendrons like acid soil. I recognise lots of the others, but the names have gone from the plant encyclopedia I used to have in my brain. Buying a plant identifier book might be interesting.

    The butterfly is a red admiral. I didn't know you got them too on that side of the pond.

  4. Wonderful pictures to reminds Summer is coming.


  5. very springy indeed - I can't say I have seen much like that round these parts, just a few bedraggled dandelions

  6. Wow!! They're all so beautiful! I love the pink ones the best though :) We have a lot of peonies growing at our new house, they are my favourite flower :)

  7. Beautiful shots. The flowers are incredible.

    A Faraway View

  8. Anonymous12:32 PM


  9. Pretty flowers and awesome shot of the butterfly! WOW, brilliant!


  10. Absolutely Beautiful!
    Everyday Inspired