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May 12, 2012

Dune 1

I was recently invited to join an exclusive club: "The Dune 1 Girls".  ;-D  They consist of a core of good  friends from forever-ago, who have been going to a particular place on Town Neck Beach for quite some time.  I was asked to hang out with them during a stretch of warm weather in April. My friends are hardcore beach bums and take every opportunity to make it down there.  I went both on the Sunday and Monday of that week; Sunday was cool and windy but Monday was definitely a beach day.  It was probably 80* in Sandwich, while only in the mid-60's at my house in BBay.  The cloudy pics are from Sunday, sunny ones from Monday.

It was dead low tide, really low too, so I took that opportunity to take pics of the Boardwalk and creek in an area that's usually under water.

There were shellfishermen in the creek.

Looking towards Old Harbor.

Very muddy marshes.

Snail condos.

Beautiful rocks in a small tide pool

Seaweed covered jetties on Town Neck Beach


Town Neck Beach and the Canal jetty breakwater in the distance.  View of the beach at Dune 1.

Imagine my surprise to find out that there are seals living on these rocks in the bay!!

Gradiant colours on a beach brick (this came home with me).

Doesn't look like an eider duck or a typical seagull.  No idea what it is.

I built this next to where I was sitting.

The Dune 1 Gang.  The water was bracing.  My feet were frozen after just a couple of minutes, just ankle deep.  

Couldn't resist shooting the goofy seals again.  There were lots of them.

 What a big fattie!!!!!  I have no idea if he's floating or laying on a rock.

Yeah yeah, I know, but I don't care. I'm posting it anyway.  lol


  1. That is awesome! I loved your pictures.


  2. looks like an extremely cool place to hang out JoJo

  3. Sounds like fun and you definitely got some great shots! Enjoy the weekend :)

  4. I can't get over what beautiful scenery you have around you, lucky you! I would be down at the beach every chance I got as well! Great pics, love the seals.

  5. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Good Job Jojo Dune 1

  6. Love the pictures.

    I don't know if you get black-headed gulls, but if you do, I'd guess that's one!

  7. Sounds like a great group!

    I'm sure you gal's will have tons of fun! Love the pics!

  8. I love the natural surface of the beach rocks during low tide. It has different colors and textures. It's great for photos. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Looks like you had a great time!

    A Ladybug's Life


  9. Gorgeous photos, JoJo!!

  10. Great collection of photos. Looks like a great couple of days at the beach. I love the photo of the rocks! Rocks are my favorite things and the colors and textures are amazing.
    Everyday Inspired

  11. Lovely photos.I want to be at that beach instead of sitting here with rain pouring down outside.

  12. I am green, green, GREEN with ENVY!!!!! :-) Plus, where you live has an *awesome* name.

    Some Dark Romantic

  13. I **believe** that's a Franklin's gull, although I admit it's been many years since my college ornithology course ;-) !!!